12 years later, High School Musical returns but in the tv series

Cinema 7 September, 2018






Today, it is obvious that Disney is less a creator than a recycler. There has to see what it does with its classics by turning them all in movies live. And this is not ready to stop.

The genre of the musical comedy returns regularly to the cinema with more or less of happiness and the last shot at glory as of the date of course was the The Land of Damien Chazelle who has won a lot of awards in 2017 (6 Oscars, 7 Golden Globes). Logical, therefore, that Disney wants to capitalize on this wave so that each summer we reserve at least a movie musical, or dance in the halls, just to warm up a little more and our minds already shattered by the wetness room.


It’s going to be swinging


And when talking about musical comedy and Disney, we immediately think of High School Musicalseries of tv-movies produced for the Disney Channel from 2006 to the stunning success, which has seen a conclusion to the film and launched at the same time the career of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. And well would you believe that we learn through the site Deadline that saga will be back soon but in the tv series, and with exclusive use of the digital platform is that Disney is going up.

High School Musical : The Musical, it is his title, will therefore be a series of 10 episodes, filmed in a documentary style and that will provide us the opportunity to follow a group of high school students of East High prepare for their musical winter. Of course, there will plenty of stuff on stage and behind the scenes, because the life of a middle schooler is not easy, and each episode should have a new song.


It is going to repeat


From what we know, the series should focus on 8 characters : we will have Ricky, the hero, an average student and a bit rebellious that get dumped by Nini and decides to climb a ploy to get it back when auditioning for the musical of which it is part. Nini, meanwhile, has found his vocation at the summer camp where she is also dégottée a new guy. She wants to be singer, and demonstrated a strong character. And then there’s E. J., her new boyfriend. Ambitious and ruthless, a little geeky around the edges, he is the son of two brilants lawyers and is secretly subject to anxiety attacks.


It will move


Around them, it is necessary to take account ofNatalie, who has guts and is impetuous. Fan of horoscope, she is also the cousin of E. J. and wants at all costs to integrate the student council. Big Red is the best friend of Ricky, a skater that is said to be in the lineage of the characters from the saga of Bill and Ted. He is secretly in love Nini since a long time and their separation puts the face of a moral dilemma. Gina, this is the girl grudgingly to be a lining. Ambitious and motivated, they think that the teacher has made a huge error in not assigning him not the main role.

Finally, it was Vikram, the choreographer of the band, which has Beyoncé in the background screen on his iPhone and has already planned his acceptance speech when he receives a Tony Award. He considers the professor as his equal, and drinks coffee from the CM1. And let’s not forget Miss Jenn, the teacher of dramatic arts a little proud, who thinks that the musical can save lives. It forces Vikram to launch a Kickstarter because the school will not fund its project.

That’s it, at least you will not be able to say that you have not been warned.


And, most importantly, it will sing