A parachutist with the 27-year-old kills himself at Gatineau

News 10 September, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Saturday, 9 September, 2017 23:33

    Saturday, 9 September, 2017 23:33

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    GATINEAU – A paratrooper 27-year-old was killed Saturday morning during a jump that went wrong in Gatineau.

    The man was found by first responders on the way Proulx, a little to the north of the executive Airport Gatineau-Ottawa, shortly before 10: 30.

    He was rushed to the hospital where his death was recorded.

    The paratrooper was lying on the ground and unconscious at arrival of the patrol police of Gatineau dispatched to the scene.

    According to preliminary information obtained by police officers, a wrong move would have made it collide with another skydiver a few seconds after leaving the plane that carried them. “There would have been a loss of control or loss of consciousness, and his parachute never opened,” said lieutenant Eric Simard.

    The event occurred while the victim was exercising new techniques of jumps, said the lieutenant Simard.