No more lung cancer surgery in Drummondville

The Drummondville patients with lung cancer will now have to go to Trois-Rivières for surgery.

The Regional Hospital of Trois-Rivières is the only ...

10 November, 2016
62 Quebecers infected Zika

Sixty-two Quebecers were infected by Zika virus during a trip abroad since the beginning of the year, but these figures are only the "tip of the ...

10 November, 2016
Too low a diet during pregnancy is bad for baby’s heart

Researchers have discovered that a restricted diet during pregnancy can affect the rate of aging of the fetal heart later in life. It will be more ...

10 November, 2016
Winnipeg: a researcher may have been exposed to Ebola

A researcher from a Canadian laboratory specializes in foreign animal disease has potentially been "exposed" to the Ebola virus, said Tuesday health ...

8 November, 2016
Male contraception: a nasal spray in 2021

Male contraception is at hand. A British team says it will be available in 2021.

The list of effective contraception is long. But it relates ...

7 November, 2016
Colon cancer: take 5 minutes to detect

Second deadliest cancer, colon cancer yet cured in 9 cases out of 10 if detected at an early stage. The National Cancer Institute (INCA) is launching ...

7 November, 2016