Erik Karlsson doesn’t know when he will return to the game

Sport 7 September, 2017

Photo: Gene J. Puskar Associated Press
The advocate 27-year-old has played in the playoffs despite a broken foot and tendons torn.

The captain of the Ottawa Senators, Erik Karlsson, still has no timetable for a return to the ice following the surgery that he suffered in the foot this summer.


Karlsson, a finalist in the obtaining of the Norris trophy, said not to have been able to do anything in the last three months, since he was operated on for repair of tendons torn at the left foot in June.


The advocate 27-year-old has played in the playoffs despite a broken foot and tendons torn. The Senators are inclined in the second extension of the seventh game of the final, in front of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the eventual winners of the Stanley cup.


“It’s going to take some time,” said Karlsson in an interview with the Associated Press during the tour media of the NHL and the NHLPA on Wednesday. We’ll see when I can start to skate. We don’t have a timeline for that, either. I think that when I’ll be able to skate, we will be able to decide more about a date to return to the game. “


When Karlsson has been operated, the Senators general manager Pierre Dorion, had talked about a rehabilitation of four months, which would have allowed Karlsson to be reinstated to the start of the season on October 5 against the Washington Capitals. This scenario is now in doubt.


Karlsson, who has recovered from a torn Achilles tendon in 2013, hopes that by going gently, he will not have to worry about this problem in the future.


Remarkable season


The Swedish skating fluid finished in the third rank of the markers in defenders last year with 71 points. He was happy that this injury occurred at a time which allowed him to concentrate on his marriage and it does not with the fact of not knowing when he will be back.


“In fact, it was better. Sometimes, you set a return date which creates expectations and with the injury, you never really know. Things don’t always go as you want. I think we were very good in taking our time and ensuring that it will not come back to haunt me later. “


Despite all his problems at the foot, Karlsson has been the defender, the most productive of the series with 18 points. His performance has attracted several accolades.


“You can only have the greatest respect for a player who plays in such conditions, and for whom it always seems easy, said Ryan McDonagh, whose New York Rangers were eliminated by the Senators in the second round. I also played injured his foot during the last series. It was rather impressive to see what he could accomplish. “