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Entertainment 31 January, 2018


After having conquered America, The Tuche capture the Elysée. Isabelle Nanty reprising her role of mother of a family is endearing, it is also for her adopted daughter, Tallulah, 15.

It is one of the actresses most popular of his generation. Simple, accessible, full of whimsy, she hides some flaws, which fortunately did never impaired his enjoyment of playing, to stage and share his passion. Has the poster of Tuche 3 (in cinemas this Wednesday, January 31), she embodies once again Cathy Tuche, mother hen and edgy, a role that she takes up with relish: “When we play the Tuche, we do not judge, we are like children, excited, amazed, never jaded.” In this third strand, this family high in color, led by Jeff Tuche, aka Jean-Paul Rouve, arrives at the Elysee, which has not failed to react to the political class.

In life, Isabelle Nanty is also an attentive mum to her little Tallulah, born in China in 2002, she adopted when she was 18 months: “30 years ago, I learned that I could never have children. Because I am a child distilbene. I gathered all the “dys” : dyslexia, dyspraxique, dyscalculique… ! I made the choice to adopt one. And my daughter, I was also adopted. ”

The actress rarely shows with her daughter in the media, she tries to protect her from this world that may embarrass: “I think for a child of actors, it is difficult to have to share his parent on the one hand, to see his mother in ridiculous costumes. I think for her it is sometimes embarrassing.” And every day she tries to apply one of the educational precepts that he had taught his father: “go on before, I’m me “. It should not block the view of her child. It is necessary that he is projecting himself into his future. ”

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Isabelle Nanty

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