France to the rescue of the Canadians stuck to Saint-Martin

News 10 September, 2017
  • AFP

    QMI agency

    Sunday, 10 September 2017, 10:20

    Sunday, 10 September 2017, 10:20

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    The plight of Canadians trapped on the island of St. Martin lies in the hands of the French government.

    Waiting for news of his sister and her children on the island, Olivier Dionne has finally been informed by the canadian government that his loved ones will be able to be transported by air to Guadeloupe.

    Mr. Dionne has received confirmation from Ottawa that Melissa Friedmann, as well as his spouse Cyril and their two girls of 4 and 10 years old, had been found.

    “She should go in the evacuation process of the French, which means to wait, to go to the shelters listed, and then take a plane that would lead her and her family, in Guadeloupe,” said Mr. Dionne, in the interview, on the plateau of VAT New.

    “My sister was quite calm, he said. I believe that it tries to install a good atmosphere for her children. The people of Saint Martin have lived a horrible situation. Many were left homeless. There was an atmosphere of panic and terror, especially when [hurricane] Jose threatened to hit back.”

    An evacuation process is in place, but the French part of the island was devastated by hurricane Irma. In particular, the airport has been heavily damaged.

    However, the airlines have been invited to land at the airport located on the Dutch side of the island, which is in better condition.