George Michael’s death: Sarah Michelle Gellar is heavily mistaken and apologizes

The actress tweeted too fast …
SundaySunday, December 25, it was the race to that publish soon its RIP (Rest In Peace) on social media after the announcement of the death of singer George Michael . Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar was so tangled fingers on his keyboard …
On Twitter, the former star of Buffy against the vampires held to respond to the death of the English singer, won only 53, probably of a heart attack . Unfortunately, it has instead wrongly using a hashtag as it wrote: ” ? You really want to hurt me I suppose so, #ripBoyGeorge 2016. I really was one of your biggest fans.. ” Said Boy George , until proven otherwise, is doing well.You really want to hurt me? I guess yes
Quickly criticized and mocked, Sarah Michelle Gellar deleted her tweet (which the users retained in screenshot) and posted three messages in a row to explain and apologize. ” Equally sad once you get the right information. #ripGeorgeMichael. Thanks to everyone who corrected me. It’s so sad. And in my defense, so I know very well the difference between Boy George and George Michael. I had heard wrong. My intentions were good. This is usually why I do not comment made public but it seemed so sad for Christmas. I have learned my lesson , “a-t- she writes.Just as sad once we have the right information. #ripGeorgeMichael. Thank you to all those who corrected me. It is just as sad. And in my defense, yes

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