Gotham : a bad guy linked to the terrible Bane in season 5

Cinema 12 September, 2018






Before sinking into the darkness and to have claimed to never have existed, the series Gotham returns for a last and final season.

A very dark story of Gotham, which, nevertheless, is left with good cards in hand to be one of the best series DC comics. All the more by addressing a topic still very little, if ever, explored in the universe of the Dark Knight, namely the youth of Bruce Wayne and the rise in power of the best antagonists of Batman.

But, we are not here to get back on the strengths and weaknesses of the series. On the contrary, we prefer to dwell on the new actor who has joined the ranks of the show.


Joker, new version, camped by Cameron Monaghan


This is the website Deadline, who reports the following information : the actor of Nikita , or Salem, Shane West, has any right to be recruited by the show runners of Gotham for the role of Eduardo Dorrance. On paper, this is an old friend of Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), with whom he served in the army. Eduardo Dorrance turn to Gotham with an army of soldiers to elites in order to help his former friend to enforce law and order in the city of crime. However, there a quack, otherwise it would be boring :

“Jim Gordon will quickly realize that the true intentions of Eduardo Dorrance Gotham are much more dark and perverse that it would not have been able to believe it.”


One of the best antagonists, which has lost its magnitude, but brilliantly played by Robin Lord Taylor


If Deadline does not reveal any additional information, it will fetch the detail from his family name. In fact, Eduardo Dorrance – his real name was Edmund in the comics – is the villain that bears the name of King Snake. A big beefy blond with a tattoo of a snake on the torso. Let’s be clear and accurate, if it is unnecessary and not really interesting, it would at least have the merit of having done one thing well : create Bane. This famous colossus of muscles doped to the chemical agents which breaks the column of Bruce Wayne and is played by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises.

In other words, it was clearly more eager to see Bane disembark in the series than his father. And in fact, a few days ago, CBR has unveiled the names of a few episodes of this season 5, including one that will catch your attention, the episode 8 with the title : “I am Bane”. It only remains now to see how the show runners will make the season interesting.

The season 5 of Gotham will be released in early 2019 and will have the right to 13 episodes.


“I can’t wait to leave this series of nerds”