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Techno 3 April, 2018

2018-04-03 10:07

How to survive a breakup with a man and what if he left you?
How to get over your ex in 10 days.

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Day one: “the Star in shock”

So you broke up. It is likely that you still don’t know what happened, and move on our plans. So, yesterday you parted like ships at sea, you know, I remember, but what did not refuse to accept. The belief that he, as always, I’ll write you tonight and everything will fall into place, still burning fire in your soul. To do something in this situation just does not make sense, reports Rus.Media.

Day two: “the Illusion of deception”

He didn’t come, didn’t call, didn’t write. The excitement slowly covers you, and thoughts become reality. You begin to console yourself that it could be a test of your feelings, and continue to wait for a miracle. On the second day after the divorce, there is wild desire to write, to call, to meet and to do other acts of destruction of pride that does not lead to anything good afterwards. In this situation you need to talk, so grab a friend, ready to listen to you (better several Sabbath on Bald mountain is clearly good for you), and rush at a favorite restaurant.

Day three: “Our Tanya crying out loud”

Here comes the emotional stage after separation from her husband. You don’t find a place, you can’t concentrate at work or in any other cases, but inside feels like you’re going to be blown to pieces. The best way to restore the balance within – afford to throw out the emotions in any way possible. The most common tears. Wrap yourself in a blanket, turn on the appropriate music and cry like in the best American melodramas. For completeness of sensations can bring a cat or a soft toy.

Day four: “Into battle!”

In addition to sobs in the pillow and the endless memories you too can cover a wave of anger to your ex. The desire to Express their claims or scratch the face is not gonna end, so I advise you to direct your hatred in another direction. Gym, Boxing, cross-fit or any other active sport that will exhaust you so that the forces on the traitor just left.

The fifth day: “Beauty will save the world”

Usually after a vacation with friends, the endless flow of tears and torture sports looks the girl best. Approaching the mirror in the morning, you’re likely to meet Fiona from Shrek, and so it will not work. To get out of the quagmire of endless agony and grief, the woman must look your best. Sign up at the Spa, go for a manicure or arrange a beauty salon at home. No matter how difficult, go for it!

The sixth day: “Psychoanalysis”

Very emotional phase after the breakup has passed, a period of introspection and analysis of the events. It is important not to go in thinking about causality with the head, otherwise you risk to get in the past without the ability to start a new life. So get back to work, household chores and pressing problems, in General, Pasha as a horse. Work not only refines the person but also eliminates the Intrusive thoughts.

The seventh day: “And let the whole world wait”

Did you know why one of the happiest countries is considered to be Denmark? All because they have the concept of “hygge” which means a feeling of comfort and satisfaction, and the Danes almost every day given to him at different times of the day. It’s your time to feel the harmony and achieve inner balance. Exhale, take your favorite book or watch a good movie, take a walk around town or go to yoga. Do something that will help you to soften like a cookie in milk.

The eighth day: “dessert”

Congratulations, a week passed, and you lived without it. Imagine that you made your first cake: baked cakes, whipped cream, prepare the filling. It was difficult but you handled it like a real chef. Now, when these wonderful Goodies almost ready, it remains to decorate them. So let the icing on the cake will be the craziest in your life act. Think carefully about what you’ve always wanted, but never dared? Maybe it’s time?

Day nine: “Let’s get acquainted”

Well, butterfly, it’s time to get out of the cocoon. You now just need new friends. No one is offering you a week after breaking up with the man race on the program “Let’s get married!” and even more to be hung on the neck of the first comer. Your task is simple – to re-open the world. Talk to the janitor, smile at a neighbor, started talking with the girl English – and you can’t even imagine how many emotions can give communication with complete strangers.

Day ten: “the Taste of freedom”

To summarize. What do we have? Beautiful girl in full bloom with many extraordinary abilities and a specific set of skills and abilities, the modern world has a huge number of possibilities and plans for the future. And most importantly, it is completely free to choose where to go, what to wear and what kind of man to go on a romantic date.


The diary is based on five stages of depression after a divorce, and the order and duration of actions specified in it may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the girls.

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