Jumanji: 5 things you did not know about the original movie

Cinema 24 December, 2016

Because the new version of Jumanji will not be released until a year, melty invites you to plunge back into the original 1995 film and discover 5 things you did not know about!
“In the jungle you will wait a 5 or Aug. 1 will deliver you.” Already 21 years that the film Jumanji with Robin Williams in the shoes of Alan Parrish, was released in movie theaters. Since, Jumanji , his evil dice and his crazy jungle became cult, and it is undoubtedly one of the movies we like to watch again and again. Even more since Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014, leaving the film world in mourning. But as tribute to him, a new version was developed, expected for December 22, with Dwayne Johnson in the title role and Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart and Jack Black. According to him, Robin Williams would have loved . But many fans of the first hour slightly perplexed before this new plot. The final verdict will unfortunately not be available for a year, then in the meantime, and if we plunged back with nostalgia in the original film? This is what melty offers, making you discover 5 things you did not know about this cult 1990s .
1) Scarlett Johansson could have been at the casting
Eh yes ! It gives you a corner, is not it? Scarlett Johansson, who was 10 at the time of the shooting, had auditioned for the role of Judith in Jumanji . It was finally Kirsten Dunst who got the role of the girl with long blond braids and denim overalls. As for Scarlett Johansson, it has not lost out because it was still able to launch his career with the film The man who Whisperer horses .
2) One actor played two different roles
You remember the villain poacher of the jungle of Jumanji, Van Pelt? Well do you realize that the actor who incarnated him, Jonathan Hyde, also played the father of Alan Parrish! With his little goat, his mustache and his fair hair, we would not have recognized him if we had not been told!
3) Alan Parrish might not have existed
Difficult to imagine Jumanji without Alan Parrish, is not it? Yet in the novel for children which is from the history of film, the character of Robin Williams does not exist! It was entirely invented by the scriptwriters of the film, and it is not to displease us. For without this wacky character, the film probably would not have had the same flavor, and therefore probably would not have become as cult.
4 / The word Jumanji is a Zulu word meaning “many effects”
5 / Kirsten Dunst spent about two weeks in a water tank
What should not be done to melt into a role. Leonardo DiCaprio knows all too well, but he is not the only one. For filming scenes of monsoon movie Jumanji , the young actress Kirsten Dunst had to stay in a water tank for nearly two weeks. His mother had to send the sandwiches by raft. Robin Williams said his “testes looked like raisins”, only after spending 12 hours in it. Then two weeks, we dare not imagine. So, did you imagine that?