Lethal Weapon : Clayne Crawford, fired from the series, says he is “humbled” and a victim of blackmail

Cinema 30 August, 2018






The tv version of lethal Weapon has made headlines because of the return of one of its two stars. And Clayne Crawford is clearly still very pissed off.

Deemed very difficult on the plateau, the accused clearly from rotting, the work of her colleagues, and finally at the center of a video ” fruity “, the director and actor Clayne Crawford has been purely and simply fired from the series lethal Weapon after two seasons. Replaced by Seann William Scott, season 3, the face of a Damon Wayans, which remains in service, the interpreter of Martin Riggs refuses to count.

Asked by Ross Patterson in his podcast Drinkin’ Bros, he gave his version of the facts, who is not stung by of the to. First of all, Clayne Crawford wished to point out that the production had trapped him, offering them the scene of the episodes. In order to precipitate his fall.


Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans


“Finally… I only realized that a single episode of season 2, because I no longer wanted to be part of it. The first had been such a storm of emmerdements, I have the feeling that I was being manipulated – they had said that Damon was a super runner. “

Except that, according to Crawford, Damon Wayans, as well as the production would be intrigued to get rid of him. After you have been registered quarrelling violently, with a assistant director with Wayans, it would be as well to sing, referring directly to a possible publication of his escapades.

“This kind of bullshit resurfaced as soon as I had a claim, or when I complained about it. Once they had the recording, each time that I had something to say, they threatened me with the recording, saying that it would ruin my career.


The art of staying zen


When the incident took place, I had to pay half of my salary on this episode. I was forced to spend six weeks to do anger management during my lunch break, I could not leave the set or my dressing room that escorted by someone of the security. It was humiliating. “

Beyond the anger and the version expressed by the actor, we guess also that he seemed to profoundly disagree with the rest of the team about the direction to take with the series.


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“Actors and artists are whores whimsical, and it is precisely for that reason that we put them on a stage, because the whole thing was a circus, and that it rotates with it. But we lacked leadership on this series. And there has not really been an investigation about what is really going on.

I have frustrated these people all the time, or because I wanted to add waterfalls, or because I asked for rewrites. I wanted to inject authenticity and integrity. And these guys wanted a series pouët-pouët. In the words of Damon, he was just there for the fun of it. “

This is not necessarily going to encourage fans to watch the new season of The lethal Weapon that will be broadcast in the USA from the 26 September.


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