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Closer has just published in its latest issue exclusive photos of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen in the arms of the new elected of her heart, a certain Jerome, head of the National Front in the south of France. Pictures that are not dissimilar to those that people magazine had published more than two years where you could see Florian Philippot in Vienna with his companion.

Between Closer , and the family-Pen, the story continues. A wealth of tidbits for people magazine, a source of unending aggravation for the political clan. And not the appearance, last year, Marine Le Pen magazine cover, smiling in a bathing suit blue, white and red, on a beach in corsica, who had arranged things. “I will of course lodge a complaint against this serious infringement on privacy. This hunt is at the same time violent and degrading , “had responded the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen with our colleagues in the Lab of Europe 1 after the pictures of the patron saint of the Front in a swimsuit. It is, however, not the first, Ségolène Royal and Rachida Dati has also appeared, in jersey, in the pages of the magazine.


Then Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, won’t it do the same as her aunt ? The question is asked, and the answer should not delay to arrive. Because it is now the turn of the younger retired from the political be One of people magazine including the latest issue is released this Friday 4 August. “This new life that bother… ” as the weekly that allows one to see the former member of parliament of Vaucluse, aged 27 years, exchanging a kiss with her new boyfriend, and a few months after announcing his separation with Matthew Decosse, young entrepreneur whom she married in July 2014 while she was seven months pregnant. The mother of a small Olympus, Marion, Marshall had justified its withdrawal from political life by ” personal reasons “, and the desire to spend more time with his daughter. “I missed a lot of time with my little daughter in her early years so valuable to us. It has also been terribly missed. It is essential that I can devote more time , “explained the little girl of Jean-Marie Le Pen.


In the pages of Closer, one can see the face of Jerome C., age 24, head of the office of the FN in a city of the Alpes-Maritimes. A young man, as set out in the Closer, which was not included in the table of honor in the company of dédiabolisation of the National Front : “True serial-dérapeur on Twitter : “And your sister, it is dented ?”, was there a Fréjusien which highlighted the poor state of a road. “What does still annoy her aunt ?

The A of Closer. I was not ready.

— Clementine Rebillat (@clerebillat) August 4, 2017

Photos credit : Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage

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