Punisher : an actress of Daredevil expressed his concerns about the future of the series

Cinema 14 January, 2019






Highly anticipated season 2 of the Punisher could be the last. And these are not the words of Deborah Ann Woll who will reassure the fans.

Initially recurring character of Daredevil, Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) has quickly become a key element of the show dedicated to the Punisher. Originally used as a gateway between the two universes, she was also entitled to a beautiful role in the first season of the adventures bloody “vigilante” in New York city.

But, as Defenders, Frank Castle is, perhaps, not a promise of a bright future. Series Marvel released exclusively on Netflix, it seems all the more threatened after the undo ofIron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil, and since Disney plans to launch its streaming platform, Disney + in a few months on american soil.


Deborah Ann Woll


In this context, the whole world wondered what sauce the last two survivors (Jessica Jones and the Punisher) will be eaten. And in fact, the actress Deborah Ann Woll has just published on social networks a message to encourage the spectators to scramble on 18 January 2019 on the new batch of episodes dedicated to the vigilante.

However, his words are not really encouraging.


One knows of one that is not going to let it go


“The Punisher season 2 contains this, which will probably be my last appearance in the role of Karen Page. I miss her a lot. Don’t miss it ! Jon Bernthal is amazing ! And all the others too ! I hope that the series will be entitled to a season 3. “

Of course, the actress is careful to mention the cancellation of the show, going as far to hope for a third season, but clearly, the fact that it allows us to affirm that his character has a great future, suggests that Frank Castle has done his time. Just as the brevity of his role may reflect a relative abandonment by the writers of the mythology previously established.

Season 2 of The Punisher will arrive on Netflix on January 18, next.


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