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Entertainment, Techno 4 August, 2017


Donald Trump has staked his career as a businessman, of apparitions more improbable than the others on tv and in the cinema, more often to play his own character. But in 2015, a proposal more than attractive to him is reached, to embody the president of the United States in Sharknado 3. But, finally, the current tenant of the White House has not got the role. What provoke his anger the more cold.

The Prince of Bel-Air in 1992, the series fantastic Nightman in 1997, passing by the famous Battle of the billionaires, Wrestle Mania ten years later, these are just some of the apparitions of the most crazy of Donald Trump on the small screen ; but this is nothing compared to what could have been… the ultimate guest-star. In effect, as to reveal to TheHollywood Reporter, the current president of the United States, has failed to play in Sharknado 3 :Oh Hell No !, third installment of the fantasy saga, the most unlikely of the decade in which one can see the White House devastated by a shark attack flying.



And while the choice of the production is focused on the billionaire Mark Cuban to become the President of the United States in the film, TheHollywood Reporter tells us that the owner of the basketball team of the Mavericks of Dallas was not the first choice. In effect, in January 2015, The Asylum, which deals with the production of the series of type Z, had first thought of Donald Trump.


Donald has said yes, has revealed David Latt, co-creator of the franchise, he was thrilled that we asked him “. Ultimately, it was her lawyer who put an end to the negotiations, explaining that ” this was perhaps not the best time “. Because at the time, the husband of Melania Trump had already stated its intention to submit to the us presidential election. But totally whimsical, the businessman was very evil taken of the fact that the role of the presidential has been attributed to Mark Cuban, to the point that his lawyers have intervened, threatening the production of to take him to court. “How dare you? Donald Trump wanted this role. We’re going to sue you! We will sink your film. ” The reality has since overtaken the fiction !

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