Vikings season 4: Alex Hogh tease the future Ivar!

Cinema 10 December, 2016

A few days after the broadcast of episode 13 of season 4 of Vikings, Alex Hogh tease the future Ivar!

And after ? With episode 12 of season 4 of vikings, for which we offer our criticism , the series of History offered us a cliffhanger first major since his return. Indeed, the latest images could make us fear Ivar the Boneless was close to death? However, those who follow the news of the show and its filming spoilers, those interested in Viking history and those who subscribe to social networks of talented actors who work on the show, know that the character n ‘ is not dead and it is only at the beginning of his adventure. Great moments are in store for him and Ragnar as they continue their journey to Wessex. However, it is a difficult road ahead Ivar, since before becoming the fierce warrior he is supposed to be the son of Ragnar must accept that it is . In a recent interview, Alex Hogh who embodies stated: “He wants to be ‘normal’, which is obviously not the case then he should not pretend to be what he is not. as he does. ”
In the next episodes we will see Ivar wearing armor and riding a chariot of war, but for now, it remains a young man who can not see beyond his disability. The actor explains: “It’s his error about what it means to be a man” . However, Ragnar is the only one of his entourage to show all the potential he possesses. Although it was not to be the most attentive or even a protective father, he is the reason why Ivar agrees on this mission in Wessex: “In a way, it forces him to do more than he has ever done. I do not think anyone else would have done, since it is crippled. He worked and struggled all his life. his mother suffocated with too much love because of his illness ” . Due to the historic Ivar fame and fights that led, especially against those who killed his father, Ragnar that is about to do is going very well and that is a good thing. While history Ragnar Lothbrok seems to be ending, the rise of Ivar the Boneless, and other son Ragnar, is clearly the heart and soul of the future of the Vikings . Lately, we dévoilions that many deaths were expected in Season 4 of Vikings. Are you looking forward to witness the rise of Ivar?