Bella Hadid: Selena Gomez frightened at the idea of ​​meeting her at Coachella

Entertainment 13 April, 2017

While Selena Gomez spends the perfect love with The Weeknd, she would be afraid to come face to face with Bella Hadid at the Coachella festival!
Since Selena Gomez is in couple with The Weeknd, Bella Hadid she, bade him farewell on Instagram . Still saddened by her break with the Canadian singer, the model had no choice but to cut the bridges definitively. Result? She stopped following him on social networks. A way for her to move on and move forward once and for all in her personal life. Now, the girlfriend of Gigi Hadid focuses on her and it is the main one! For her part, Selena Gomez seems more happy than ever and her idyll with Abel Tesfaye is for many! The singer no longer hides and assumes her romance under the eyes of the whole world. In addition, Not a single day passes without the two lovebirds showing themselves stuck on new photos. Despite that, the singer still seems and always worried about the top model …
According to Hollywood Life , Selena Gomez is afraid to meet Bella Hadid at the Coachella aka festival, the unmissable California event for the stars : “Selena does not want to miss the craziest weekend of The year at Coachella but at the same time, she does not want to come across Bella, the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend. According to the informant, the interpreter of “It Is not Me” would prefer to go there with his boyfriend rather than alone and this, in order to feel protected: “Selena wants Abel to be with her. Not knowing who she is, she knows that Gigi and Bella will probably be there and she ‘ To be there without him. ” In the end, the star of the song would simply like to have a good time with her new darling: ” They are both fans of the artists on the bill. Her friends will be there and she wants them to get to know her better. ” If we do not know yet whether Selena Gomez will really attend the festival, we hope everything will go well, especially when we know that Bella Hadid can not stand Plus the couple … Do you understand the reaction of Selena Gomez?