Dйcouvrez all the Open air of the йtй 2017

Cinema 28 June, 2017

(Photo: Sйbastien Puiatti)

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Allianz Cinйma
This new Open-air open fire with a front-to-first (“The Circle”), a comйdie (“captivated”), and a biopic (“Sully”).
From 23 June to 21 July а the esplanade de Montbenon (Lausanne).
Info and program: www.allianzcinema.ch

Ten paintings in the йtoiles
The Open air of the Zinema prides itself on the fact “films that йbranlиrent the world”. “Cry Baby”, “The Truman Show” or “the 40-year-old always a virgin” are on the program.
Every Saturday from June 24 to 26 aoыt to the park of My Rest, а Lausanne. Entrйe free.
Info and program: www.dixtoilessouslesetoiles.ch

Cinйma South
From the end of June а dйbut September 2017, Cinйma South winds а new French-speaking Switzerland а vйlo to offer the public beautiful film of the South! Under the йtoiles or а shelter from the rain, this cinйma itinйrant йcologique free and is a joy to welcome the cinйphiles in all French-speaking cantons. The tournйe will stop in 19 cities this йtй.
From 26 June to 2 September in 17 cities in French-speaking Switzerland. Entrйe free.
Info and program: www.helvetas.ch

Co-Op Open Air Cinema Martigny
“Dalida” а “The Beautiful and the Bkte” passing by “Lion”, “Wonder Woman”, “Alien: Covenant” and the new “Spiderman”: some 25 films will be projettйs а the amphithйвtre of Matigny.
From 26 June to 20 July.
Info and program: www.open-air-kino.ch

Open air of La Neuveville
“The Land,” “Pirates of the Caranbes 5”, “The Smurfs and the lost village”, and “How I rencontrй my pure” will be projetйs on four days.
From 28 June to 1 July on the Square of the Libertй а La Neuville.
Info and program: www.openair2520.ch

Cinй Drive-In
Do you like comйdies? “Turning а old” and “Tomorrow it all begins” are а see the time of a weekend, а edge of your vйhicule or from the step covered! On site, there will also be food trucks and grills.
The 30 June and 1 July at the Centre TCS а Cossonay.
Info and program: www.tcs-vd.ch

Cinйma Open Air Chвteau of Prangins
Visions of the Rйel offers three soirйes of cinйma in the court of the Chвteau. Two documentaries and a fiction will йcho а the temporary exhibition of the Musйe swiss national: “The work. Photographs from 1860 а our days”. Among them, “Rosetta” frures Dardenne, Palme d’or а Cannes in 1999.
6, 7 and 8 July at the Chвteau of Prangins.
Info and program: www.visionsdureel.ch

Cinй Transat
The more йclectique open-air йtй, it is Cinй Transat! Don’t miss the soirйes а thumes: LGBT, Cosplay Manga, or even Bollywood!
From 13 July to 20 aoыt а The Pearl of the Lake (GE). Entrйe free.
Info and program: www.cinetransat.ch

Co-Op Open Air Cinema Vevey
14 July to 12 aoыt.
Info and program: www.open-air-kino.ch

Cinй of the Lake
Thirty-two films will be а dйcouvrir this annйe, with the Harbor in the background.
From 17 July to 20 aoыt Port Black а Genuve
Info and program: www.cinedulac.ch

Co-Op Open Air Cinema Fribourg
From 20 July to 22 aoыt.
Info and program: www.open-air-kino.ch

Co-Op Open Air Cinema Delйmont
From 4 to 26 aoыt.
Info and program: www.open-air-kino.ch