EnjoyPhoenix is ​​committed to the good cause!

Entertainment 12 April, 2017

The Youtubeuse EnjoyPhoenix has not hesitated to invest for the good cause. On his account Instagram, the star of the net decided to engage for the visually impaired.
Between his Youtube channel, his new concept of Vlogs, his books or his new boyfriend , EnjoyPhoenix probably does not know where to head. And yet, despite all these occupations, the star of the net still managed to find time for the good cause! It was by visiting the Louis Braille Museum that she had this revelation. Deeply moved by his visit and “touched by the association” , EnjoyPhoenix has thus decided to engage and put its notoriety at the service of the visually impaired . “Do you know that a dictionary in Braille costs 850 euros? That every minute, A child becomes blind in the world? And that only 3% of the blind know how to read Braille for lack of teachers and adapted material? So I decided to react and help the association raise funds to allow young blind children to have access to knowledge , “she said on her Instagram account.
EnjoyPhoenix, which is happier than ever , has also benefited from its notoriety and its high number of subscribers (more than 3.8 million on its Instagram account) to call its community to do the same. “If you want to make even a small donation of € 1, I think you will be happy among families for whom blindness is a real ordeal and sometimes a shame (when this should not be the case). I filmed a vlog that will come out tomorrow, and I give you the link to the GoFundMe prize pool. I will later see the progress of this association and the material as well as the progress that we could have made thanks to our donations, the ultimate goal being to open an international Louis Braille printing company , “she said declared. The positive reactions of his fan base obviously did not miss the call. One thing is certain, he is said to be bravo for this initiative, because not everyone would dare to embark on this kind of charitable projects. And you what do you think ?