EnjoyPhoenix is ​​preparing a new project in Los Angeles?

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

After her trip to Canada, the YouTubeuse took a flight back to Los Angeles. What new project is she preparing?
Decidedly, the year 2017 begins with journeys for Marie Lopez. You know, a few days ago, EnjoyPhoenix unveiled its first crazy project , and for proof. The pretty blonde has created its own lipstick in collaboration with the famous cosmetics brand MAC . And yes, a news that had literally distracted his fans who had been able to discover the backstage of his new creation on YouTube. But as soon as she returned to France, Marie went back on the journey, leaving for a destination she knows well, the United States. But what does it prepare us?
On his Instagram account , the net star unveiled a selection of the most incredible shots all as each other. Because yes, EnjoyPhoenix which took a drastic decision , left Los Angeles there is little, to attend a party organized by the cosmetics brand Benefit . A place of exception, candy pink and flowers, here is what we discover on the social networks of Mary. But her trip to Los Angeles is likely to give us a few surprises. Beyond announcing to her community that she will soon be presenting the new products, it may well be that a new stage in their collaboration to follow ! And you what do you think ?
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