Obama and his family vacation а Bali

Entertainment 28 June, 2017

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Barack Obama going on a family vacation in Indonйsie, oщ it is arrivй а Bali and will а Jakarta, the city oщ he passй a part of his childhood, have indiquй the autoritйs Saturday.

The former prйsident, habillй of faзon dйcontractйe, is arrivй on the ole tourist to Bali with his wife Michelle and their two daughters, has annoncй a responsible local military.

“They are arrivйs late at night derniure and went directly а their hфtel а Ubud”, dйclarй а the AFP, a local military leader, I Gede Widiyana.

The former prйsident amйricain is rйveillй tфt in the matinйe, did some exercise in the lush gardens of the complex hфtelier, said Widiyana, but no information on the faзon with a family enjoying his time in the peaceful and artistic town of Ubud has йtй dйvoilйe.

Obama Arrived in Bali for a Family Vacation – Condй Nast Traveler https://t.co/agG3gaMkro #bali #balitoday

Bali Today@Balitoday) June 24, 2017

Next week, Barack Obama and his family must go а Yogyakarta, oщ they have prйvu to visit the ancient temple of Borobudur. They will spend two days before flying to Jakarta.

In his childhood, Barack Obama has vйcu for four years а Jakarta, the capital indonйsienne, until 1970, its ripe with йpousй a Indonйsien.

Barack Obama is trus apprйciй in Indonйsie, oщ a bronze statue of two mutres а his effigy has йtй йrigйe in the court of her former йcole.

The statue of “little Barry” – the nickname that his fellow йcole indonйsiens gave him – shows the young Obama, habillй shorts and a T-Shirt, holding in his hand a butterfly.

Barack Obama kicks off a 10-day family holiday in Indonesia that will take in Bali, Yogyakarta and Jakarta https://t.co/dwnNnTP3a9– AFP news agency (@AFP) June 24, 2017

The ministure indonйsien Business йtrangиres has indiquй that the visit of the prйsident Obama intervened after several invitations envoyйes by the prйsident used for joko Widodo.

On June 30, Barack Obama will meet with the prйsident indonйsien in the capital and he will deliver a speech before the convention of the diaspora indonйsienne the next day.