The employйs require a social plan clear

Business 28 June, 2017

The sale of Charles Vцgele including coыtй dйbut 2016 50 jobs, the moitiй by layoffs. (Photo: Keystone)

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A fault?

Forty employйs of Charles Vцgele have menй Wednesday in a protest action in the siuge of the chain clothing from schwyz. They require a social plan clear to the employees licenciйs logistics centers.

The protesters, supported by Unia, handed а the direction of a text requiring benefits clearly dйfinies and mandatory for employйs licenciйs, says the union in a communiquй. Employees affectйs expect a discussion with the leaders of the group sold а the Italian OVS.

Deletions of positions

The social plan must include points of rйfйrence clear regarding a financial support for the job search, points out Unia. The union also calls for the establishment of a fund joint for difficult cases, as well as indemnitйs of dйpart йquitables and benefits clear to employees вgйs.

The sale of Charles Vцgele has coыtй dйbut 2016 first 50 jobs, the moitiй by layoffs. Two waves of dismissal collective follow-up last January, then in may. About 160 posts on the 165 within the dйpartement logistics of the siuge of Pfgffikon (SZ) and а Freienbach (SZ) are touchйs.


For mйmoire, with the resumption, Charles Vцgele undergoes a mutation, and pass a dйtaillant а vertical structure а a sales organization for its new propriйtaire. Deliveries must be transfйrйes from Asia to Pontenure, Italy, oщ they will be enregistrйes then distribuйes to Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

In Switzerland, it is prйvu to outsource the logistics а the firm XPO, which will take dйjа for the account OVS. With the measures planifiйes, a large portion of current jobs in the logistics become superfluous, depending on the direction.