The Flash Season 3: Barry, can he go crazy because of the Speed ​​Force?

Cinema 27 May, 2017

Barry agreed to join the Speed ​​Force! Stuck in this hell, can he go crazy in season 4 of The Flash?
Recently, the first details about the sequel to The Four’s Season 4 were unveiled . The future of Barry is very uncertain! Indeed, now that Savitar is dead and Jay is no longer in the Speed ​​Force, the latter still needed a speedster. Thus, Barry sacrificed himself by joining her in order to save Central City, threatened with destruction. The problem is that the Speed ​​Force can do damage! Savitar became thirsty for power while he was a prisoner. As for Wally, it did not stay long and yet, the Speed ​​Force had a detrimental effect on the brother of Iris in season 3 of The Flash . Thus, one wonders what effect this could have on Barry if he stays there for a while.
Barry will obviously not stay in the Speed ​​Force in season 4 of The Flash , let’s not forget that he is still the hero of the show. But it would be possible that the series offers us a leap in the future, besides the time is not exactly the same in the Speed ​​Force. When Wally and Savitar were stuck there, both of them lived through hell! If he stays there a little too long, Barry might lose his mind. One thing is certain, it will certainly not be the same when it comes back from the Speed ​​Force. This could have many consequences for the hero and his relationship with his team. While waiting to learn more about the fate of Barry in season 4 of The Flash, also find out if after saying goodbye to Killer Frost, Caitlin can become a super hero in turn . And what do you think will be the effects of the Speed ​​Force on Barry in Season 4 of The Flash?