The franchises diseases should be indexйes

Business 28 June, 2017

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A fault?

The franchises should be indexйes rйguliиrement to coыts of the basic health insurance. Rйpondant а a request from the european Parliament, the Council fйdйral has set Wednesday, a project in consultation until 19 October.

The right, а the origin of this proposal, hopes that the assurйs are more aware of the coыts they gйnиrent. An adaptation rйguliиre of the amount of the deductible would empower them. This йviterait that people tend to run in mйdecins for the lesser bobo and contribute а contain coыts of the santй.

The Council fйdйral also proposes to revise the system of discounts liйs the franchises. Currently, the maximum discount applicable а all franchises а option йlиve а 70% of the risk supplйmentaire incurred.

Jungle rates

Except for the basic deductible (chf 300) and the franchise more йlevйe (2500 francs), this uniform rate is not financiurement optimal. Therefore, the government proposes a йchelonnement. The maximum discount, for adults, will be well understood in a range of 80% (deductible of chf 500) а 50% (deductible of chf 2500).

For the rest, the Council fйdйral does not intend to review the system of franchises. The minister of the santй Alain Berset had lancй a project а simplify the jungle of some 250’000 premium rates diffйrents in the basic insurance. It has, however, made the walk arriure face а the levйe shields.