The redemption of Syngenta dйsormais effective

Business 27 June, 2017

The redemption of Syngenta is the largest opйration never rйalisйe а the йtranger by a chinese group. (Photo: Keystone)

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A fault?

On Monday, the nominations of four members from Syngenta and four other nommйs by the state-owned chinese company ChemChina the board of directors have йtй validйes by the 16 shareholders reprйsentant 95,11% of the share capital, underscores Syngenta in a communiquй. Ren Jianxin, the prйsident of ChemChina, has йtй йlu prйsident of the supervisory board. From there, the acquisition of Syngenta by ChemChina is effective.

The current prйsident of the firm located а Bвle, Michel Demarй, йtй йlu to the position of vice-prйsident and prйsident of the comitй of directors indйpendants. Gunnar Brock, Eveline Saupper, and Jьrg Witmer have also йtй rййlus as directors indйpendants.

Chen Hongbo, Olivier de Clermont-Tonnerre and Dieter Gericke have also йtй selected as new members of the board of directors. It should be noted that Vinita Bali, Stefan Borgas, Eleni Gabre-Madhin David Lawrence have dйmissionnй of the supervisory board.

Action against mergers

On the occasion of the derniure assemblйe gйnйrale group bвlois, Swissaid has, moreover, attirй attention to the dangers of the current trend towards concentration in the sector agrochemical. “There will be bientфt more than three companies а contrфler the marchй global seed and pesticides”, she warned.

And fear for the farmers of the poorest countries. The latter “become more dйpendants price imposйs by a few multinational corporations”, dйnonce the organization, while demonstrating inquiйtude for the dйveloppement sustainable.

A tank of young mariйs

To draw attention to these dangers, Swissaid has organisй, in collaboration with Greenpeace, in an action in front of the Centre of the congruent of Bвle oщ stood the assemblйe gйnйrale of the firm. On a char tirй by peasants of the world, we could see a couple of young mariйs, the symbol of the marriage between Syngenta and ChemChina.

To recall, last may, the two companies have obtained all the green lights а their fusion of autoritйs of the competition of their main marchйs. The gйant йtatique chinese achetй 94,7% of the shares of the group bвlois for 43 billion ($41.3 billion francs at current prices). This is the biggest acquisition rйalisйe by capital from chinese а the йtranger.

Guaranteed employment а Bвle and Monthey

According to Michel Demarй, ChemChina has provided warranties to the maintenance jobs а Bвle and а Monthey (VS).

After the acquisition of Syngenta by ChemChina, a merger prйpare between Dow Chemical and DuPont. Not to mention the union between Bayer and Monsanto.