The Swiss have more dйpensй а the йtranger

Business 30 June, 2017

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A fault?

The dйpenses of swiss tourists а the йtranger have dйpassй those of the non-rйsidents helvйtiques during their travels in Switzerland during the annйe derniure.

The rйsidents swiss dйpensй in 2016 16.3 billion francs а the йtranger, or 3.8% more than in 2015. Tourists йtrangers have their cфtй dйboursй 16 billion in Switzerland, an increase of 1.4%, according to figures diffusйs Friday by the Office fйdйral of statistics (OFS).

In a context йconomique marquй by the strong swiss franc, the balance of tourism shows a balance nйgatif of chf 252 million. After having accusй the kick-in 2015 (-3,2%) as a result а the abandonment of the minimum rate of the euro, the revenue engendrйes by tourists йtrangers, however, taken, in part, in the last year (+1.4 per cent).

The sйjours with nuitйes have gйnйrй about two thirds of the revenues of 16 billion francs. But for the deuxiume annйe consйcutive, these derniures have diminuй. The revenue of the sйjours with nuitйes have reculй 130 million in 2016 (-1,2%), а 10.3 billion.

Boom of one-day tours

According to the SFO, this йvolution is mainly due а the decline of the frйquentation tourists йtrangers in the hфtellerie and the parahфtellerie which is only partially compensйe by the increase of their dйpenses by nuitйe. The revenue from these йtablissements have diminuй of 1.3%. Those of sйjours of йtudes or hospital have baissй of 1.2%.

Conversely, the revenue liйes to day trips, sightseeing and transit have augmentй of 9% over the last year. The dйpenses consumption of cross-border commuters and holders of a permit of short durйe increased by 4.2% а 2.6 billion swiss francs. They reflutent to increase their workforces.

Purchases а the йtranger: rфle of the strong franc

On the dйpenses of the Swiss а the йtranger, the strong apprйciation of the swiss franc has donnй a new impetus to purchases effectuйs when traveling а the йtranger, note the SFO. Thus, the rйsidents swiss dйboursй 3.8% more on their trips а the йtranger 2016 to reach the amount of 16.3 billion francs.

Approximately $ 11.8 billion francs have йtй dйpensйs when sйjours with nuitйe. The fact of the increase conjuguйe of nuitйes of swiss tourists а the йtranger and price (converted to chf), the dйpenses for these sйjours have augmentй of 5.3%.

Although йtant less dynamic, purchases effectuйs in the framework of one-day tours and tourism, transit stabilisйs а a level йlevй (-0,1%), after strong growth enregistrйe in 2015 (+10.7 per cent).




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  • Philippe O.
    the 30.06.2017 11:16
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    The qualitй compared to the price is no longer in Switzerland. You have two times more а the йtranger for much less. Same with the word patriot, the reason to prevail.

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  • Jeanmich
    the 30.06.2017 11:08
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    It is simply logical

    The prйsidente of the HWP, will successfully intervene to empkcher the swiss to take a vacation а the йtranger, as she wants the pensionnйs dйpensent their money in Switzerland….
    Managers to understand that the hospitality in the resorts of the country is more than incomplete, they make fun of the tourists by charging a price outside of the standards…..

  • Genf Boy
    the 30.06.2017 11:07
    dйnoncer this comment

    All а normal !!

    Happy again !!!
    And it is logical !!! Everything is 2 а 3 times cheaper than in us !!

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  • Oto Mobil
    the 30.06.2017 20:28

    dйnoncer this comment

    Poor children gвtйs…

    Arrktez with your comparisons dйbiles once and for all!!!….the staff is 3x cheaper elsewhere, real estate in all cases 2x less, the йquipement a hфtel or a restaurant too !…you want the staff of a hфtel is payй 1000 or 1’200.-/months ?…a hфtel that costs 10 million at us and the 2 or 3 million ?..that rйpercute on the price of supplies….The Portuguese, the franзais or the Italian IN HIM that earns 1’300 and 1’800 Euro/month and you do not think that for him it is TOO expensive ????….arrktez whining, you ktes (yet) privilйgiйs !

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  • Ettoc
    the 30.06.2017 20:21
    dйnoncer this comment


    А when an article on the rйel purchasing power of rйsidents switzerland.???
    It seems to me that approximately 500’000 rйsidents are under the threshold of pauvretй and 1mio not 2’000 chf cфtй а case of dйpenses unexpected. Why?
    What is the purpose of the 2 articles of the day purchases а the йtranger and vacation а the йtranger ?

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  • DN
    the 30.06.2017 19:48
    dйnoncer this comment

    We fly

    We took the boat Neuchвtel а Morat for two persons, 120 balls. And not a glass of water а drink offered. Add to another ?

    This is the cheapest rate for a night in a croisiure liner 5***** all inclusive.

    • Dede
      the 30.06.2017 20:37
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      Of the crazy prices, this is unacceptable.

    • Dany Cooper
      the 30.06.2017 21:18
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      I be able to have this form on the Lйman, there are some annйes dйjа, exorbitant prices for a short hop. I rйclamй, algarade with the gugusse at tйlйphone me йconduit and not kindly. Later I took the boat on the Rhine, a beautiful walk up а Schaffhausen for 2 (two) DM, Looking for the error.

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  • Albert G.
    the 30.06.2017 18:07

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    Normal dйpense least in Switzerland, because the qualitй strongly baissйe since the arrivйe massive cross-border workers who have to apply the standard of the sufficiency of France.

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  • Sam.
    the 30.06.2017 17:38
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    Switzerland is to payй a high price welcome! Those who do not have the means dйbrouiller you!

    Rйpondre the comment of Sam.