These fictional languages ​​that one would have liked to learn at school

Cinema 29 May, 2017

“SoHvaD bIpIv’a ‘!”. In Klingon, it means “cuckoo!”. Whether at the movies, in the series or even in video games, the creators have invented a whole bunch of fictional languages. We make you an inventory!
You do the clever with your Spanish LV2 and your Latin option, but in a perfect world, you could have chosen to learn na’vi or klingon from college. Yeah, but the klingon and the na’vi kesako? Small fictional languages, respectively heard in ” Star Trek” and “Avatar” . On their way, some authors and creators of films / books / series / video games have heated a max to create new languages ​​around their universes. Go, it’s time to heat up Google Translate!
The Lord of the Rings
The novelist JRR Tolkien invented several languages ​​for his work “The Lord of the Rings” . Result: each people of Middle-earth is linked to one or more languages . The Quenya and Sindarin – languages spoken by the Elves – are the best known, but there are also other languages as the language of the Dwarves ( Khuzdul ), the Orcs ( black talk ) and Men ( the Adûnaic and westron mainly). Obviously, we find them in the films adapted by Peter Jackson.
The na’vi is a language invented for the film Avatar of James Cameron. This is the language of the Na’vis, the creatures that live on Pandora. This language was created by Paul Frommer, a professor at the Marshall School of Business (California). The na’vi language was elaborated to correspond to the intentions of James Cameron and to be pronounced by the actors, without being too close to an already existing human language. The language has more than 2,200 words. This number can be much higher if one takes into account all the rules of grammar allowing to build new words from the base words.
Harry Potter
In the Harry Potter saga, the Fourchelang is the language of serpents. But for a human who can not speak it, it sounds like a continuous whistle . A person who speaks this language is called a Parseltongue. The ability to speak Fourchelang is extremely rare. Voldemort gave Harry the ability to speak the Fourchelang during his attack on the Potters. Harry unwittingly used this faculty to talk to a boa constrictor at the zoo and a snake that Draco Malfoy brought up during the first and last session of the duel club. Note that Dumbledore understands the Fourchelang .
Star Wars
Greedo in Star Wars speaks huttese , it is the most spoken language in the saga. It is a language inspired by Quechua, a language spoken in South America . The Jawa language is based on Zulu, which is spoken in South Africa. Finally, the accent and language of the unbearable Jar-Jar Binks take root in the Caribbean Creole.
Star Trek
The Klingon is a fictional language of the Star Trek universe. It is the language of the extraterrestrial Klingon race. It was created by Marc Okrand in the studios that produce the Star Trek series . Its syntax is completely chelou (called agglutinante). The grammar of the language is inspired by those of the Amerindian languages. Know that it is even taught in the United States and an institute is devoted to it, the Klingon Language Institute . OKLM.
Game Of Thrones
In HBO’s flagship series, a few protagonists also flout their own fictional language. The dothraki is thus the language of the Dothraki, a people of the series of books “The Iron Throne” . Its creator is David J. Peterson who has expressly invented the language for television adaptation . A language that consists of at least 1,700 words, inspired by Turkish, Russian, Swahili, Estonian and Inuktitut.