10 best ways to raise money

Techno 2 February, 2018

2018-02-02 20:03

10 best ways to raise money
Astrologers have their say.

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10 best ways to raise money: astrologers have their say, reports Rus.Media.

You wonder why people are attracted to wealth? It would seem that the answer is obvious: give money the opportunity to earn all sorts of benefits. Even very rich people who can buy themselves anything and money which will be enough for a comfortable existence of many generations of descendants, continue to increase their capital. And the thing is that money is a very powerful flow of energy. By the way, the strength is second only to the energy flow of love. That’s why she was the only one in the world that cannot be bought with money. But that’s another story.

Since ancient times there is knowledge of how you can expand any energy in their favor. In other words, in this case to raise money. But just as there are things that block the flow. You’ve probably noticed that there are people, though not rich, but that money is not always enough, and those who are even good earning can’t make ends meet. In such cases we say: “He can’t handle money”. Let’s talk about how to handle them. And it is not about savings, it’s a way to survive with the small earnings, but not to attract material well-being.

Of course, lie on the stove and wait for the money will flow to you, not the best idea. So they were in need of something to do. But you know a few simple rules of conduct with the money, not to cut off the flow, but rather to improve their financial situation, too. So.

Think about your expenses. And if you decided to splurge, do it with a light heart. Do not regret and don’t beat yourself up.

Don’t be afraid to overpay, because everyone knows that the avaricious pays twice.

Do not repay debts the evening at this time they are already asleep and don’t like to bother them. The situation is such that you will have to do this? Never pass them from hand to hand. In this case the lesser evil is to put them on the floor.

Get the house money tree and get him good care.

Never drink and do not drain into the bottles of alcohol left in the glasses after the departure of the guests. You also can not finish other people’s plates.

Money is like respect. Therefore, never let even small coins lying on the floor and is out of the house, do not wrinkle money and not raspugivali pockets. Placed them in a beautiful house-wallet, better red. At home keep the money only in specially designated place for them, from time to time recalculate them.

Do charity. Donate from the heart, do not regret about the given means, do not imagine what they could spend. If you mind, better not give money to. Sparking donations to get back to you a hundredfold.

Money likes silence. So for them it is better not to speak. And certainly not to complain about their absence. Also you can’t show off their real income or to exaggerate. If you leave the answer on your earnings does not work, it is better to underestimate the amount.

There are plants which are able to attract money. Put on your purse or place where you keep the money a cinnamon stick, a sprig of mint, a piece of dried leaf or horseradish root.

Never give money from hand to hand. With them you can get someone else’s energy. Even when calculating in the store it is better to put them on the stand near the cash register or on the table.