Radar captures huge swarm of migrating birds over Florida Keys

It was an ornithologist’s dream!

A weather radar in the Florida Keys has captured an image of Hitchcockian proportions – a huge swarm of migrating ...

19 February, 2020
Climate change: UK’s 10 warmest years all occurred since 2002

The top 10 warmest years on record in the UK have all occurred since 2002, a new analysis from the Met Office says.

Its State of the UK Climate ...

1 August, 2019
How Morocco artificially provokes rain

In order for it to rain in Morocco recently, clouds have been stimulated. ALM Lhoussaine Youabd, communications officer of the National ...

29 May, 2017
Unsolved climate management projects were found in the archive of the State Planning Committee of the USSR

ST PETERSBURG, March 24. / Corr. TASS: Natalia Mikhalchenko. Petersburg researchers found in the archive of the State Planning Committee of the USSR ...

26 March, 2017
Scientists: Earth is threatened by a new ice age

Washington, March 26th. Above the Earth is the threat of a new ice age, scientists said, worried about the protracted period of reduced solar ...

26 March, 2017
Discovering seven exoplanets the size of the Earth: “One more step for research”

Vincent Coude du Foresto, an astronomer at the Observatoire de Paris, is pleased with the recent discovery of seven planets the size of the Earth by ...

23 February, 2017
SpaceX: Dragon capsule misses appointment with SSI

The un-inhabited Dragon capsule missed its scheduled appointment early Wednesday with the International Space Station (ISS) due to a GPS problem, ...

22 February, 2017
SpaceX successfully launches its Dragon capsule to the ISS

On Sunday, SpaceX launched a Dragon capsule for the ISS. This tenth refueling mission was also the first launch since the mythical 39A shooting point ...

20 February, 2017
Japan: failure of experimental space-waste cleaner

A Japanese experimental space clean-up mission, supposed to help improve sanitation techniques in the vicinity of the Blue Planet, has failed, ...

6 February, 2017
The DNA of astronaut Scott Kelly modified after his stay in space

The American spent 11 months aboard the International Space Station (ISS). On his return, NASA scientists compared his genome to that of his twin ...

4 February, 2017
A Dutch zoo launches a Tinder for Orangutans

A Dutch zoo is launching an experiment allowing female orangutans to choose their partner via a tablet, reveals The Guardian on 31 January.

A ...

1 February, 2017
A monster ? No, the oldest ancestor of the human being

A big mouth and a tiny waist: Here Saccorhytus coronarius, the oldest known ancestor of man, according to British researchers.

Who could have ...

1 February, 2017
The Earth and the Moon seen since Mars

Monday, January 9, 2017 to 19 h 27 - An enchanting panorama. NASA published last weekend a beautiful image of the Earth and the Moon taken from an ...

12 January, 2017
The number of cheetahs in the wild is in free fall

THREAT. The cheetah ( Acinonyx jubatus ) is certainly a fast animal, but his bursts of speed does not protect from all threats. According to a study ...

28 December, 2016
Death of Vera Rubin, without whom the hypothesis of dark matter would not have held

The astrophysicist Vera Rubin died on December 25, 2016. Her work had validated the hypothesis of dark matter.

"Maybe next year ?" Vera Rubin will ...

28 December, 2016
SolarStratos, the solar airplane that dream of an altitude record

The solar plane has to fly in the stratosphere has been unveiled. Next step: to ensure that the various embedded technologies work well to 24 ...

10 December, 2016
Switzerland, land of exile for young Russian graduates

Expats at an event organsied by Glocals, at the rooftop bar of the Hotel Metrpol. Guests included people from countries including, Russia, Italy, ...

10 December, 2016
Astronaut John Glenn joined the stars

Legendary astronaut and former Senator John Glenn, who died Thursday at age 95, was the first American to make an orbital flight and also the oldest ...

9 December, 2016
Green IT: Google, champion of renewable energy

In 2017, Google will come to 100% renewable energy on its activities. And the Net giant does not stop there. Short and diversification of supply ...

7 December, 2016
How the universe could be created. The universe and Anti-Universe

All theories of creation of the Universe within the Big Bang are inherently absurd. The mystery of the symbols of the two interlacing triangles.

7 December, 2016
The water in the solar system

Astrophysicist Anatoly Ivanov

In this article, we will focus on the origin of water on asteroids, planets and their moons in the solar system. ...

5 December, 2016
55 sites on the List of World Heritage in Danger

Fifty-five sites in 1052 goods in the world are currently on the World Heritage List "at risk" of Unesco.

The inclusion of a property on the ...

5 December, 2016
The astronauts are nice: Thomas Pesquet receives messages Video Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong

Astronauts are nice to each other. Even when they do not belong to the same agency. Thus Jing Haipeng, commander of the Chinese space station ...

20 November, 2016
Thomas Pesquet and Proxima mission in orbit

Pesquet Thomas, 38, flew Thursday, November 17 at 21:20 French time, to the International Space Station. It is the tenth French to join the area, and ...

18 November, 2016
Monday night, an exceptional super moon light up the sky

This is not a super moon as others which arise in the sky on 14 November. Nothing like this had been seen for almost 70 years! Earth, the moon will ...

14 November, 2016
New feathered dinosaur species identified in China

A new species of feathered dinosaurs, larger than a dog, with a crest on the head and a protruding chin, was identified in China according to a study ...

13 November, 2016
“Super Moon” exceptional. Brightest moon in the sky of Normandy, Monday, November 14

Monday, November 14, 2016, the moon will be 356,511 kilometers from Earth. An optical illusion will make it seem larger and brighter in the sky. ...

12 November, 2016