The water in the solar system

Science 5 December, 2016

Astrophysicist Anatoly Ivanov


In this article, we will focus on the origin of water on asteroids, planets and their moons in the solar system. When we drink the water from a well or spring, you do not think about where it came from in the world. And it’s very hard to imagine that almost all the water that is present in the solar system, the sun made and delivered to the orbit mainly after the destruction of his hard dark crust 4.6 milliard years ago.
In order to better absorb the material in this article is desirable to get acquainted with the theory of life cycles of stars and galaxies, which is set out in the scientific work of the author and the book under the title “Alive organіsm of the Universe” also scientific article of author posted on the Internet: “What is a galaxy?”, “The formation of planets in the solar systems of all the Universe,” “His Majesty Jupiter” and many others.
According to this theory, the Sun, like all the other stars in our galaxy was formed from neutrons, which, in turn, materialized out of the electromagnetic radiation of the quasar. In this electromagnetic radiation has become a huge black hole, which was located in the center of our galaxy about 20 milliard years ago. After that, the neutron star of our sun began to form proton shell. In a few milliards years it has begun nuclear fusion, and the sun was disposed of the matter of his bowels into orbit and into interstellar space. The distribution of matter in orbits occurred under the law mass distribution. Lighter elements and gases can take a higher orbit. And from this matter were formed primary planets and asteroids. At a late stage of formation of the solid dark crust formed the Sun not only elements of the periodic table, but the chemical compounds that are also thrown into orbit according to the law mass distribution. Water could reach orbits, located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. And just as rare exception could reach the orbit of Jupiter and Saturn. One might ask – how water gets into interstellar space, where its presence in large quantities? Mass of neutron stars of the Universe can not be as high as 27 mass of our Sun. If the mass of the neutron star is more than this value, it will become invisible, because it will be a black hole, too, almost one hundred percent made up of neutrons. With the destruction of the solid crust of very massive stars tremendous amount of water enters into interstellar space.
Thus, the primary planet and asteroids were formed of elements and chemical compounds that have reached their orbits. All primary planet, starting on Mars and ending Mercury and Pluto, which is before the destruction of the crust of the Sun as well as Sedna and Eris was moving in an orbit of smaller radius than the radius of the orbit of Mercury, had large amount of water.
4.6 milliard years ago, after the destruction of the solid dark crust of the sun cloud of dust and gas, which moved away from the Sun, re-delivered to the orbit of the same matter as before, according to the law of mass distribution. This matter had a huge amount of water.
Primary massive asteroids, which were located close to the Sun, were torn from their orbits by blow gas-dust cloud, and formed the so-called Kuiper Belt. A light asteroids that could be located at higher orbits, have very elongated orbits and become meteorites.
More massive primary planets of “terrestrial group” weathered blow gas- dust cloud, but they increased a little eccentricities of their orbits. They are again collected matter from their orbits, including water and formed planet and which function is currently. Thus, several milliards years ago, all the major space objects of “terrestrial group” and even a very large Kuiper Belt planetoids had a huge amount of water that covered their surface.
After the destruction of the crust and the flash of the Sun appeared a huge number of meteorites that bombarded large space objects of the solar system. Particularly strong were bombed space objects “terrestrial group” for obvious reasons – the closer to the Sun, the more the flux density of meteorites. Flying up to the Sun, they reduce the radii of their orbits.
Due to such attacks cosmic objects whose masses are equal to or less than the mass of Mars and are not moving in orbits above Mars, could not keep the water on its surface, and she left these space objects. The fact that the Moon, Mars and other cosmic objects in the solar system before there was water, the author said in the aforementioned scientific work eleven years ago, and explained where it came from and where it disappeared. And then, finally, NASA scientists have confirmed that the Moon and Mars before it was really a lot of water and that on the Moon and Earth, it has the same origin. But soon it will be proved that Mars had the same water as on Earth. Water will find on Mars in the deep, very narrow hollows and under the surface.
But one might ask – why Jupiter’s moon Europe and some Saturn’s moons, covered with a thick layer of ice? In theory author it’s there drifted in minima amounts. These satellites before the outbreak of the Sun was moving in orbits located between Mercury and Venus. After hitting the gas and dust cloud that moved from the Sun, they got a very elongated orbit. The impact was not as strong enough to throw them into the Kuiper Belt. In all likelihood, when this satellites were in the aphelion, they moved higher of the Saturn relative to the Sun. In the course of milliards of years, while moving in their orbits they were captured by Jupiter and Saturn on its orbit, but when the meteorite bombardment in decline. Mass of Europe almost three and a half times is larger than the mass of Pluto. In all probability, before the outbreak of the Sun and Europe, and Pluto were formed very close to the Sun in the neighboring orbits. But Europe has been massive and has not departed so far as Pluto.
As for Venus, in the period when the Sun to function, creating a solid dark crust, its primary planet was covered with a thick layer of ice. Following the outbreak of the Sun fell on it in addition a huge amount of water vapor. But according to the law of mass distribution on this planet has got a lot more carbon dioxide than the Earth. Because of the very high temperature, the steam held in the atmosphere over the carbon dioxide. Meteorites can pluck water vapor from the atmosphere of Venus during bombardments very easy. Besides bombing was more intense than on Earth, and the mass of the planet is smaller almost 20 per cent compared with the Earth. In all probability, a weak magnetic field of Venus did not play role in this process.
According to the law of mass distribution Venus got more heavy elements than the Earth. Its specific gravity should have been more specific density of the Earth. Rather, in Venus are large concentrations of gases and water vapor, including, under great pressure. Furthermore, the smaller the mass of the object space, the smaller the gravitational forces acting during its formation.
Thus, all the water, found in space objects solar system, was produced in the proton shell of the Sun, and then delivered to their orbits by him. The relatively small amount of water is sometimes entered into the solar system space objects from other star systems, which are located at higher orbits with respect to the center of the galaxy.
Modern astrophysical science falsely assumes that the planets and other massive cosmic objects of solar system water is stored meteorites, asteroids and comets that come flying out of the mythical Oort cloud. Oort cloud does not exist. This was discussed in the article, the author of “Nemesis and mythical Oort cloud”, which is available on the Internet. If on the surface of Jupiter, Saturn and other planets fall asteroids and comets contain water, they really gets a relatively small amount of water, but the water was also made on the Sun.
The theory cycles of life of stars and galaxies, developed by the author, gave an exhaustive answer to the question – where did the water in the solar system and other star systems. All space objects stellar systems are formed from matter ejected by the stars orbit the same star systems. Only in rare cases, in these processes may be involved matter entering the star system from other star systems located at higher orbits in the galaxy. Stars are not formed from interstellar gas-dust matter.

13. 07, 2013, Ukraine, Chernigov.