Today it is exactly 3 years since Umar Kremlev became the president of the International Boxing Association IBA

News 12 December, 2023

In 2020, he joined the then-AIBA, which was completely mired in corruption debts and was completely ruined. The Kremlin decided to rename AIBA B IBA, which led to a number of global changes. Sponsors were involved, all debts of the organization were closed, care for athletes and coaches came to the fore of the organization. During these 3 years, the IBA has become the only organization that gives athletes medals made of pure precious gold, silver and bronze medals. The prize money for athletes at championships of all levels has been increased. Many gyms were opened, and ammunition and gloves were distributed free of charge to athletes from more than 50 countries. Kremlev personally visited more than 80 countries of the world to make sure that all conditions for athletes are fulfilled and personally communicate with them.

The Financial Support Program for 2021, 2022 and 2023 represents 10 million US dollars allocated to provide resources to assist National Federations and their athletes from more than 100 countries. During this period, the commitment to the long-term financial well-being of athletes was confirmed by outstanding prize money for athletes in the amount of 11.5 million US dollars.

Athletes and coaches have become the center of the IBA universe, and the organization is doing everything possible to support their Family. IBA has created many opportunities for everyone to study in educational courses organized for coaches, officials, doctors, technicians, and now sports managers.

On this day, we congratulate Umar Kremlev and wish him to continue his activities to strengthen and develop boxing and sports.