Things You Should Know About Inflight Dining

While people don’t take flights for meals, foodies never miss an opportunity to eat something new and different. You will need food if your flight ...

2 August, 2021
Prince Andrew’s family reportedly struggles to find attendees for his 60th bash

Prince Andrew’s family is scrambling to send last-minute invites to his 60th birthday on Wednesday — because he is being “shunned” by so many former ...

19 February, 2020
Diamond Princess cruise evacuee livestreams coronavirus quarantine

A Diamond Princess cruise evacuee now being quarantined as one of the “high-risk” patients in Nebraska has been live-streaming her lockdown.

Jeri ...

19 February, 2020
Why the World Health Organization isn’t calling the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic

Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Programme, said the organization is still not classifying ...

17 February, 2020
Get to Know Scotland’s Most Iconic Places

Scotland is well-known for its traditional and cultural places, which gives it its medieval and robust historical recognition. A lot of tourists are ...

12 January, 2020
US airstrike that killed Qassim Soleimani of Iran violates human rights law, UN official says

The UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial killing on Friday said the President Trump-approved drone strike against Qassim Soleimani, Iran’s top ...

3 January, 2020
Budgeting for Your Food: The Only Tips You’ll Ever Need

For many of us, food is one of the things that makes us feel happy no matter what's happening in our lives. Whether it's cooking a meal for a loved ...

22 November, 2019
Bodyguard to Saudi Arabia’s King Salman shot dead in apparent dispute

The long-time bodyguard of Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud was reportedly shot dead following an argument with a friend on Saturday. ...

30 September, 2019
Brexit: PM to meet Angela Merkel with call to scrap backstop

Boris Johnson will meet German
Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin later, where he is expected to
reiterate his call for the Irish border backstop ...

21 August, 2019
Interracial Dating Is Gaining Popularity With Online Platforms

Online dating is expanding fast, and it has gained ground
among people. Gone are the days when people thought that there was a social
deficiency for ...

12 August, 2019
World Russia to investigate if Siberia wildfires were started deliberately

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Prime Minister Dmitry
Medvedev on Thursday ordered Russian police to investigate if wildfires
in Siberia could have been started ...

1 August, 2019
Corine Bastide: Belgian woman tells of 6-day crash ordeal

A Belgian woman found alive after
being trapped in her car for six days during the recent heatwave has
spoken out about her ordeal.

Corine ...

1 August, 2019
How Barcelona Spain is Attracting More Tourists

Did you know that Barcelona is the 25th most visited city in the world and the 6th among European destinations as of 2015? These figures were arrived ...

26 December, 2018
Venezuela : the youth of the ” Resistencia “, between disappointment and radicalization

Since the creation of the constituent Assembly, on 4 August, there has been no new event. But young people feel betrayed by the opposition, in quest ...

15 August, 2017
Alma at the Eurovision 2017: The first images of his show unveiled

Less than a week from Eurovision 2017, the first images of Alma's performance were unveiled.
Alma flew to Kiev, Ukraine, where the rehearsals of ...

8 May, 2017
Debate: frontal shock Macron-Le Pen

At four days of the second round of the French presidential election, the televised debate between the two finalists, the centrist Emmanuel Macron ...

4 May, 2017
Emmanuel Macron embarrassed for his triumphalism

Several politicians are indignant to see the candidate of En Marche! Behave as if he had already won the presidential election, while the National ...

24 April, 2017
Emmanuel Macron: his night in La Rotonde

In the brewery of Montparnasse, Macron celebrates his victory. Celebrities, many activists, the polemic swells. Tale of an extravagant evening.

In ...

24 April, 2017
Assad worse than Hitler: Spicer apologizes

White House spokesman Sean Spicer apologized a few hours after estimating that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had done worse than Adolf Hitler in ...

12 April, 2017
St Petersburg: explosion in the underground, at least 10 dead

On Monday, at least ten people were killed and many others injured in an explosion in a St. Petersburg subway car. The Russian authorities do not for ...

3 April, 2017
Explosion in the subway: people died in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, an explosion occurred at the metro station "Technological Institute." This is reported in social networks, eyewitnesses.


3 April, 2017
Trump attacks Obama’s climate balance

US President Donald Trump launched on Tuesday the deconstruction of his predecessor Barack Obama's record on climate, hammering his will to "end the ...

29 March, 2017
Ukraine: killed ex-State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov

At the exit from the Premier Palace hotel in the center of the capital of Ukraine, the killer was shot by Denis Voronenkov, who intended to testify ...

23 March, 2017
After more than a year of calm, Etna erupts again

Etna, the famous Sicilian volcano still in operation, has known since Monday evening a small eruption that ends more than a year of calm, said the ...

2 March, 2017
Donald Trump, a federator and messianic, passes his congressional examination

On a more presidential register than usual, the new tenant of the White House called for the "renewal of the American spirit", without giving much ...

1 March, 2017
Death of Kim Jong-Nam: a suspect says he received 90 dollars

One of the suspects in the assassination of the half-brother of the leader of North Korea told Saturday that he received the equivalent of 90 dollars ...

25 February, 2017
“Paris is no longer Paris”, says Trump

"Paris is no longer Paris": US President Donald Trump quoted Friday "a friend" who no longer sets foot in the French capital, to defend his migratory ...

25 February, 2017
Brian Mulroney entertains Donald Trump

Former Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney made a singing tour for US President Donald Trump at a Saturday night at the US ...

20 February, 2017