Things You Should Know About Inflight Dining

International 2 August, 2021

While people don’t take flights for meals, foodies never miss an opportunity to eat something new and different. You will need food if your flight will last a few hours, so airlines can’t have you travel empty stomach. They will offer you inflight dining from their menu to ensure great customer service. Here I’ve discussed everything there is to discuss about beverages and meals served on flights.

They Have Good Quality Food

To the surprise of many people, most airlines provide good quality food to their customers. It might not be as gourmet as you would expect, but it will be neat, clean, and tasty. They have professional cooks to ensure good quality meals for their customers.

Meals Vary in Every Flight

There isn’t one menu for all airlines. In fact, it varies on different flights. You can’t go on a plane hoping you would get what they served the last time. It all depends on how the airline plans it. However, they offer the same menu in most cases.

Different Food for Different Classes

Different classes get different kinds of meals. The rule is simple: you get what you pay for. If you pay them more, they will offer you better food. You will have a bigger menu to choose from and it will be served to make you feel special.

Your Taste Buds Change on Air

Humidity drops to less than 12% when you are at a height of 30 thousand feet. On top of that, you have very low pressure. This reduces the sensitivity of your taste buds for sweet and salty dishes. It’s not a theory, it’s actually scientifically proven.

There is Science Behind Cooking on Flights

Cooking on a flying plane is not easy. You have to consider many little things and have to be careful. That’s why they design a menu that can remain tasty even after cooking, cooling, and heating at 30 thousand feet.

Inflight Dining Might Not be Free

While some flights offer complimentary food and drinks, this is not the case with every airline and flight. It mostly depends if you are on a local or international flight. Some packages come with an inclusive price of anything you can eat while some will ask you to pay upfront.

No Meals for Short Flights

If you have a short flight of 2, 3 hours, you don’t really need food. They serve food when you are on a longer flight and you might miss breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They might offer you some drinks though. Water is always on the menu and free.

Long Flights Might See Popular Chefs

Long flights with good airlines offer many perks to its passengers. These tickets are not cheap, so airlines ensure you get your worth. That’s why you might get a chance to see and enjoy the food of very popular chefs. It’s difficult to even get a reservation at the restaurants of such chefs, but you get to enjoy their cooking while traveling on a plane.

Now You Also Get Metal Cutlery

Normally, airlines serve food in a plastic tray. This has a negative impact on the experience. You can easily eat with plastic cutlery but it doesn’t give that good feeling you get with proper silver spoons. They had to stop the use of metal after the unfortunate incident of September 11, but it has started again. You might not get in the economy, you can expect in first or business class.

They Don’t Mind Special Diets

One might think that they won’t get any special treatments on a plane. After all, they offer traveling service, not food service. However, they always take care of the special diet needs of all their passengers.

They can’t just cook meat and expect vegetarians and vegans to either eat it or go hungry. Likewise, they have to consider allergies, religious beliefs, medical issues, and children’s preferences. They will have something for everyone so you can have a comfortable journey with a full belly.

Pack Your Own Baby Food

While they serve food for all kinds of people, you will have to do something yourself for little babies. This means you should pack what your baby might need and take it with you instead of relying on the flight crew.

Use Hot Water to Heat Baby’s Milk

Airplanes don’t have anything to help you sterilize bottles. If you have to give milk to your baby, you will need a clean bottle. If you have doubts, you can ask them if they can heat the bottle and milk inside it with hot water. You should ask this before you get on the plane.

Only Halal Food from Islamic Countries

If you are traveling on a flight leaving from a Muslim country, you will only get halal food. This means no alcohol or pork. Islamic beliefs forbid them from eating certain types of food and drinking any sort of alcohol. You will still have a lot of options but none will have pork or alcohol in them. This is one thing you will have to sacrifice. On the positive, you can rest assured that any food they will offer is fresh and clean.

Some Airlines Don’t Serve Alcohol

Many airlines provide you with complimentary alcohol depending on the class you are traveling in. They give you just enough so you don’t lose control of yourself. However, all airlines owned by Muslims don’t serve alcohol.

You Might Not be Allowed Your Own Alcohol

You can forget about taking your own alcohol in any airline owned by Muslims. You might think then you can take your own alcohol on the plane, but it might not be allowed.

You can take a bottle in your bag, but whether they allow you to drink it on the plane is a different story. Some airlines that don’t serve alcohol might allow it but you will have to confirm it with them before you board the plane.