Venezuela : the youth of the ” Resistencia “, between disappointment and radicalization

International, Politics 15 August, 2017

Since the creation of the constituent Assembly, on 4 August, there has been no new event. But young people feel betrayed by the opposition, in quest of strategy.

Miguel speaks English with the accent of New York where he has lived ; Enderson, toothless, is ten years older than his 24 years ; Jimmy has cut ties with his parents employed by the government (their names have been changed). Three different universes, but an unwavering friendship, forged in blood and fury during the last four months in the heart of the anti-Maduro in Caracas. They are members of the ” Resistencia “, this grouping minority to the contour of waves of young people stationed in the front line of the protests, and easily tempted by the anarchy. They are the ones who have mounted the barricades and who have paid the heaviest toll during the protests, in the face of the forces of order surarmées.

Today, the “resistant” despair. At least 125 people dead since April, and the government of Nicolas Maduro is still in place. Worse, while he consolidated his power since the election of the constituent Assembly, on 30 July, the young people feel “betrayed” by the leaders of the opposition coalition Table of the unity democratic (MUD) that have chosen to participate in the regional elections of October. “It is clear however, there is no solution other than the overthrow of the government of Maduro,” says Miguel, the leader of a cell of eight members.

Since the installation of the constituent Assembly, on 4 August, the opposition seeks a new strategy. There has been no major events. A moment of floating, ” passenger “, after Benigno Alarcon, professor of political science at the catholic university Andres-Bello. More than 5,000 protesters have been arrested since April, including more than 1 300 are still in detention, the most subjected to degrading treatment, some of them tortured, according to Foro Penal.
The fatigue is felt, but on the square in Altamira, a point of encounters, trivial – for not being noticed, fifteen “resistant” means.