Diamond Princess cruise evacuee livestreams coronavirus quarantine

Health, International 19 February, 2020

A Diamond Princess cruise evacuee now being quarantined as one of the “high-risk” patients in Nebraska has been live-streaming her lockdown.

Jeri Seratti-Goldman of Santa Clarita, Calif., has been holed up in an isolation unit at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where she’s been separated from her husband, Carl, who tested positive for the coronavirus.

“This is my life for the next 14 days by myself,” she told her nearly 4,000 viewers Monday in a Facebook live video, panning around a hospital room with a treadmill and private bathroom.

Although she has a cough, she hasn’t received a confirmed diagnosis for the coronavirus, with her results coming back negative in the latest evaluation, she said.

Still, she has to stay in a room that’s equipped with its own ventilation system and an abundance of cough drops.

“I am not able to leave this room at all,” Seratti-Goldman said. “I do have a treadmill but this is it for 14 days. No going outside, no nothing.”

She and her husband were among the 340 Americans who were evacuated on two US charter flights Sunday from the coronavirus-stricken cruise in Yokohama, Japan.

The couple, who own the California station KHTS Radio, celebrated the news of the rescue operation in blog posts chronicling their “crazy adventure.”

But during the mission, they were determined to be among the 13 evacuees who were suspected of having the infectious disease.

Jeri’s husband, Carl, came down with the fever mid-flight and was isolated on the aircraft carrier, she said.

“He could not walk off the plane today between the fever and the Guillain-Barre weakening his immune system,” Seratti-Goldman said, referring to an autoimmune disease he suffers from.

Upon arrival to Omaha, Carl was placed in a special biocontainment unit while Seratti-Goldman was placed in a separate quarantine unit for 14 days.

Carl tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday, according to KHTS Radio.

“Carl and I are able to talk and Facetime so we can just pretend that we are together,” Jeri said.

She added that she’s also keeping busy by providing updates on the couple’s hospital stay and taking questions on social media from family members and friends.

“Christmas just happened again today… I got a pair of sweatpants, a shirt, undies, some shavers, a comb and because of my cough, Halls, which is huge,” she excitedly told followers in one video.

Meanwhile, Japanese health officials reported 542 cases among the 3,700 quarantined passengers and crew members Tuesday, making the ship docked in Yokohama the site of the most infections outside of China.

The death toll from the coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, has reached more than 1,800 — most in mainland China — and has infected more than 73,000 people worldwide.

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