Alma at the Eurovision 2017: The first images of his show unveiled

International 8 May, 2017

Less than a week from Eurovision 2017, the first images of Alma’s performance were unveiled.
Alma flew to Kiev, Ukraine, where the rehearsals of the Eurovision 2017 competition began. Despite criticisms of her song Alma was able to receive in the Touche Pas program at Mon Poste , the singer does not lose hope and continues to give the best to do better than Amir last year. “Too much entertainment is being dissociated from music today, but Eurovision is the chance of a lifetime. I would be wrong to miss 200 million viewers,” she said. Paris Match . Alma, 28, takes this opportunity as a springboard for her career, while she has just released her first album Ma peau aime on May 5th. ” My album tells my complicated love story. I was confronted with the choice of reason and heart. And it was not easy every day. ”
She had explained it recently, the death of her first love prompted Alma to sing and participate in Eurovision 2017 . With its title “Requiem” , the artist sends a positive and refreshing message, and the refrain sung in English will make it possible to seduce as many people as possible. For nothing, the pressure rises for the young woman, who is ranked between the 10th and 15th place of the bookmakers . Besides, even if she watches the rankings and polls, Alma keeps her head cold and works hard. On the first images unveiled by the contest , we can see the new star sing in a sparkly dress in front of a dynamic scenography that represents the Eiffel Tower. Hopefully this will suffice to attract a maximum of viewers in a few days. What position do you think Alma will manage to win?