The American Youtuber Adam Saleh claims to have been disembarked from a plane for speaking Arabic

US YouTube star Adam Saleh said he was excluded from a Delta flight on Tuesday for speaking Arabic on the phone in the aircraft's cabin. The US ...

21 December, 2016
The election of Donald Trump confirmed, failure of the “revolt”

(Washington) The call for revolt of the fierce opponents of Donald Trump has failed: the electoral college, unsurprisingly, confirmed on Monday the ...

20 December, 2016
Russian ambassador to Turkey killed by policeman evoking ‘Aleppo’

The Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated on Monday in Ankara by a Turkish police officer who claimed to take action to avenge the drama of ...

20 December, 2016
Truck launched on a crowd in Berlin: the balance goes up to 12 dead

The trail of an attack was made clear after a truck drove on the crowd on Monday night in a Christmas market in the heart of Berlin, leaving at least ...

20 December, 2016
Miss France 2017: Alicia Aylies, an 18-year-old Guyanese

For the first time in its history, the crown of Miss France was awarded to Miss Guyane. "Dare to feminism" did not manage to spoil the party.

18 December, 2016
Election cyber attacks: White House accuses Putin

The White House has questioned Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin in computer hacks that disrupted the presidential election, even making up ...

16 December, 2016
Aleppo: more bombing since midnight, announced a truce

According to information that has been collected from residents Europe 1, there was no shelling of Aleppo tonight.

Fragile hope for peace for ...

15 December, 2016
Javier Echevarria, head of Opus Dei, died

Bishop Echevarría, born in Madrid in 1932, was succeeded in 1994 Alvaro del Portillo, himself a successor of the founder of Opus Dei, Josemaria ...

14 December, 2016
Eiffel Tower: the renewal of the strike proposed Wednesday to staff

The Eiffel Tower was closed on Tuesday following a social movement of personnel of the Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel. A General Meeting ...

14 December, 2016
Fighting “stopped” in Aleppo East

Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said on Tuesday that the fighting had stopped in Aleppo East after the start of an evacuation of rebel fighters. ...

14 December, 2016
“Less than Moroccans’ in the Netherlands: Geert Wilders guilty of discrimination

The populist Dutch MP Geert Wilders was convicted Friday of discrimination for having promised "less Moroccans" in the Netherlands, but was acquitted ...

10 December, 2016
Rudy Giuliani will not Minister Donald Trump

The outcome seems close in the saga of the expected appointment of the next head of the US diplomacy. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he ...

10 December, 2016
75 years ago, Pearl Harbor precipitated the US in the war

Paris - December 7, 1941, the surprise attack of the Japanese army on Pearl Harbor precipitated the entry of the US into World War II, marking a ...

7 December, 2016
Indonesia: At least 97 died in a 6.5 magnitude earthquake (and the toll could worsen)

At least 97 people died and hundreds were injured after a strong earthquake on Wednesday in Aceh in Indonesia, at the northern tip of Sumatra , said ...

7 December, 2016
The meeting between Trump and Tsai Ing-wen censored by Chinese media

The phone call between Donald Trump and the Taiwanese president was totally censored Saturday in the Chinese state media, who preferred to highlight ...

3 December, 2016
The murderer of British MP Jo Cox sentenced to life in prison

Thomas Mair, a right wing extremist, was convicted of the murder in June of the British Labour MP Jo Cox and sentenced to life imprisonment on ...

23 November, 2016
The murderer of British MP Jo Cox sentenced to life in prison

The fanatical extreme right Mair Thomas was found guilty Wednesday of the assassination of MP Jo Cox June 16, in the country of Brexit by the London ...

23 November, 2016
Japan: Tsunami warning lifted after a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.3

The tremors, measuring 7.3, could be felt up to Tokyo. The earthquake, whose epicenter was located off Fukushima was announced by state television.

22 November, 2016
Powerful earthquake off Fukushima causes tsunami

A magnitude 7.4 earthquake followed by a tsunami hit northeastern Japan, where are the nuclear plants of Fukushima Daiichi, strongly affected by a ...

22 November, 2016
International Criminal Court: Russia wants to withdraw its signature from the founding treaty

The Russian authorities accuse the ICC, judging those accused of crimes against humanity and war crimes, its lack of independence.
"President ...

16 November, 2016
Julian Assange is finally questioned about rape allegations

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was eventually questioned Monday in relation to an alleged sex crime allegedly committed in 2010 in Sweden.

The ...

15 November, 2016
The Minister of the Russian economy arrested for corruption

Alexei Oulioukaiev is suspected of receiving a bribe wine as part of a oil market. He faces a sentence of eight to fifteen years in prison.

The ...

15 November, 2016
Explosion in the largest US base in Afghanistan: 4 dead

At least four people were killed at dawn Saturday in an attack claimed by Taliban insurgents against the largest US military base in Afghanistan near ...

12 November, 2016
In Hungary, Viktor Orban of anti-migrant political wipes a new snub

The Hungarian Parliament on Tuesday rejected a narrowly proposed constitutional amendment to ban European Distribution Plan migrants.
Since 2010, ...

8 November, 2016