Emmanuel Macron embarrassed for his triumphalism

International 24 April, 2017

Several politicians are indignant to see the candidate of En Marche! Behave as if he had already won the presidential election, while the National Front is qualified for the second round.
Having reached the top of the first round of the presidential election with almost 24%, Emmanuel Macron, favorite of the polls , managed his bet. A success that was not pre-arranged and which was largely celebrated by the founder of En Marche! And his supporters Sunday night. At the risk of making a little too much and falling into the triumphalist tricks that had notably earned bad points in the opinion to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007 . His opponents in any case reproach him this Monday morning for having done too much, while his advance on Marine Le Pen is not overwhelming. “He is far too confident and far too arrogant, as if the French really did not matter, as if those polls and these com agencies had already done the job,

The right arm of Marine Le Pen, qualified for the second round with 21.5% of the votes , added: “I saw Mr. Macron take himself for Mr. Sarkozy the evening of his victory. Except that Sarkozy had done it on the evening of the second round. I saw a kind of Fouquet’s substitution last night, probably it was closed. Mr. Macron went to another Parisian restaurant with his friends of the showbiz that he welcomed, they locked themselves in between themselves, rhinestones and spangles, with an old political world and some lessons teachers, with Jacques Attali … Gave us a second-round victory speech as if the French had nothing more to say. ” A feeling shared, in another register, by the national secretary of EELV, David Cormand:

Christian Estrosi’s criticism of France 2: “I ask Emmanuel Macron to be on the reserve and not to make triumphalism!” The former mayor of Nice had called unreservedly to vote for the candidate of En Marche as of Sunday evening. On France Info, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet also called for the reservation: “We seem to act as if it were played, but it is not played.”

It is precisely the place of celebration, La Rotonde, which has made talk within the political class. A symbolic place that Francois Hollande had already chosen to celebrate his success at the PS primary in 2011. Macron himself had campaigned for the current tenant of the Elysium, as pointed out by the journalist Marianne Marc Endeweld . To complete the picture, it is surrounded by the Parisian gratin that the former Minister of Economy celebrated his feat: Jacques Attali, Line Renaud, Pierre Arditi, Francois Berléand, Stéphane Bern, Erik Orsenna …

Interrogated at the exit of the restaurant by a journalist of Europe 1 , Emmanuel Macron did not appreciate to be reproached this triumphalism nor to be compared to Nicolas Sarkozy. “If you did not realize that it was my pleasure tonight to invite my secretaries, security officers, politicians, writers, women and men who have been with me since the beginning, You have not understood anything about life. So that’s what you want, but it was my heart moment, you see? But I believe that at Fouquet’s there are not many secretaries, not many security officers, you saw who was at the table. Me, I have no lesson to receive from the small Parisian environment, “annoyed the former boss of Bercy.