Colleges in Canada

International 10 November, 2021

Canadian colleges is an institution of higher learning that provides a quality education. It focuses on practical skills. Universities offer many programs with compulsory internships in different fields.

Colleges in Canada are controlled by the state. The level of education meets international requirements, and many colleges in Canada are on lists of the best educational institutions in the world. A number of colleges are among the top leaders in the creation of applied and academic programs.

Canada’s colleges have many links with employers in a variety of industries. This is how they provide internships for their students, and then employment. It is very easy for college graduates to get a work visa in this country and stay here to work.

The conditions that colleges in Canada provide for international students are great for living and studying. They are housed in campuses or host families, and each college has counsellors and assistants to help them adapt and find their social circle.

Why attend college in Canada

  1. The cost of education in Canada is lower than in other countries. The average cost of a year of study at a Canadian university – 30 000 CAD, and in college even lower – from 15 000 CAD.
  2. Canadian education is recognized worldwide.
  3. Ability to work legally while studying. The average salary per hour – 12,90 CAD.
  4. After studying in Canada there is an opportunity to stay working. After at least one academic year (8 months) at state college, you can get a work permit for a year.
  5. Career scope. Almost every large international company has its office in Canada

How to choose a college in Canada

There are public  colleges and private colleges in Canada. Only after study at a public college are you eligible for a work permit after your studies. There is almost no difference in price, but public colleges are more popular.

In Canada, 99% of colleges are in the province of Ontario. The most popular majors that international students enroll in are: Management, IT, and Hospitality.

Programs of study

Colleges in Canada offer more than 500 different programs of study in a variety of fields.

Private and public colleges focus on preparing people for jobs. There are special programs designed for every field of study, for example, a student may choose journalism, accounting, hotel management, commerce, IT, film production, nursing, firefighting, or stylist, to name a few.

Colleges in Canada offer three levels of study for international students at the end of which the student receives:

* Post diploma certificate;

* diploma;

* A bachelor’s degree in a related field.

Depending on the preparation of the applicant, there are:

  1. Graduate programs ;
  2. Programs for university graduates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

After college a student may continue his or her education at a university from the 3rd year in a transfer program. Postgraduate programs are also available at some colleges.

Canadian colleges offer special preparatory courses for international students, after which it is not necessary to pass an examination, and it is possible to enter a specialized program immediately. They are necessary if the applicant does not speak English well enough. Such courses give an opportunity to learn the language, adapt, become more confident and easier to study later.


Canadian universities offer degrees that are recognized in every country in the world, just as they are in the United Kingdom or the United States. However, tuition here costs much less than in the UK or America.

The average cost is 14,000 to 19,000 CAD a year for undergraduate programs.

The price of tuition depends a lot on the college and the major.

Admission process

For admission you need to provide:

* A high school diploma (11th grade);

* grades from school or university (excellent in the major subjects and not below average in the others);

* IELTS or TOEFL English test;

* portfolio for creative specialties;

* Sometimes there is an additional interview or tests for creative programs.