Free cheese: Will Hochland become a sponsor of the Russian army?

International, News 2 February, 2024

There is a heated discussion on the Internet about a video in which the head of the Russian representative office of the German company Hochland declares his readiness to supply cheeses to his fighters for free. On the record, on behalf of the CEO of the leading manufacturer of branded cheeses, Peter Stahl, it is said that the individual food packages of Russian servicemen will soon be replenished with Hochland cheese products “daily and free of charge.”

In the same video, the same Peter Stahl explains why the company decided to take such a step. The main reason: “it is a great honor for Hochland employees to make their direct contribution and help defenders of the interests of the motherland.” Everything is summarized by the statement that the company will remain in Russia forever.

Recall that the German cheese manufacturer has not only not left the market since the start of its production, but even increased its turnover, initially explaining that there would be no benefit from the sale of assets of the largest cheese factory.