How the universe could be created. The universe and Anti-Universe

Science 7 December, 2016

All theories of creation of the Universe within the Big Bang are inherently absurd. The mystery of the symbols of the two interlacing triangles.
Anatoly Ivanov -Astrophysicist
In his scientific articles, published on the Internet, the author described the functioning of almost every cosmic object of the Universe, every phenomenon there,` in close connection with one another. The articles revealed only real objects and phenomena of the microcosm and the cosmos. All scientific information which the author states in his scientific works, has a materialistic basis.
With regard to the whole Universe as a whole, the author has proved that it is a stationary system with recurring events. This makes it possible to predict the processes that will occur in every star and every galaxy in the future and determine what happened to them at certain times in the past. Blunders in establishing the causes of the red dislocation in the spectra of stars and galaxies in the middle of the twentieth century have led to the development of false theories of the Big Bang and the expanding Universe. Big Bang has never been, and the Universe is not expanding. This is the first fundamental law of the cosmos.
However, the question may arise: how the Universe was formed and when did it happen ? In the article of the author, “What is the Universe?”, which was put out on the Internet at the end of September 2012, the following was written: “Such a word as hypothesis should be used when describing the size and age of the Universe. With regard to the first two options, then, in all likelihood, the Universe like the God who created it, is infinite and eternal. You can certainly argue about it being eternal, since it is created. But we will always be incomprehensible to many of the issues that relate to higher spiritual forces. Humanity will never reach to that level. ”
The author is a religious man and well aware that the materialistic and spiritual parts are united only in God. But he makes pathetic attempt based on his materialistic knowledge to describe possible ways of creation of the Universe, if it was actually created and is not eternal.
In the first chapter of the creation of the world written in the Bible: “And God said, Let there be light. And there was light. ” On the first day of creation God made electromagnetic radiation. For a purpose to form particle-antiparticle pairs from electromagnetic radiation , according to the point of view of materialistic science, we need a massive particle. And then by a collision with it’s gamma rays or massive neutrinos the following pairs could be formed: electron-positron pairs of pions, muons, thaon, depending on the radiation energy.
But God could twist electromagnetic radiation and create pairs of particles in a way known only to him. For example, using his hands, if we are made in the image and likeness of God. We will never get to know. The next step could be the formation of nucleons of the simplest and charged particles. It was possible to create a neutron or anti- neutron, but not necessarily at the same time. Otherwise, the Universe would be unable to evolve further on The choice fell on a neutron.
Modern scientists are trying to answer the question: why is there more matter than antimatter in the Universe?They keep Inventing all sorts of violations of parity and symmetry, which have supposedly led to this result. But the symmetry was temporarily disrupted when creating a neutron.
In order for the Universe to start functioning normally it needed another step to be taken. After it had been filled with neutrons to a certain extent , it was necessary to combine them into huge black holes, leaving a number of neutrons in the territories of future galaxies in the background. But the centers of mass of these black holes were to form a simple cubic lattice. Apparently, God’s Will determined the quantity of critical mass at which the black hole is converted into electromagnetic radiation.
Afterwards, all the galaxies of the Universe began to function without interference from outside. They started their cyclical life activity. It is a kind of perpetual motion. This was discussed in the articles of the author, published on the Internet.
But the description of the possible ways of the Universe would not be complete if you did not trace the fate of two other varieties of antiparticles, which remained single after the formation of neutrons. Indeed, in this case, actually symmetry would be broken. The author has already written many times that he knows the smallest details of the internal structure of neutron and antineutron. Each of them consists of different pairs of charged particles that move at relativistic velocities in their orbits. There are no quarks .
In all likelihood, antineutron was created out of the pairs of antiparticles, which had remained single . But it was shifted in time and space. And just as the Universe was created out of matter, the other Universe was created out of antimatter, but with a shift in time and space. Scores of dimensions invented by Stephen Hawking and his colleagues do not really exist. Most likely, there can be only one more dimension – it’s the other Universe composed of antimatter.
As confirmation to his words the author offers a picture of one of the fragments of the monastery of Akhtala in Armenia. Author has written several articles about ancient monuments and petroglyphs of Armenia: “Armenia – is the successor of ancient civilizations”, “The greatness of ancient Karahunj”, “Ancient petroglyphs of Karahunj”. In those articles on the ancient history of Armenia, author stated that the age of the ancient civilizations within it’s territory ,had up to 16 thousand years. These civilizations possessed the knowledge and technology that are not available to modern scholars. The Armenian people – is one of the oldest nations in the world. On it’s territory there remained a large number of dilapidated structures and artifacts, which are more than ten thousand years old.













Picture of Akhtala monastery complex in Armenia
This picture depicts two triangles that form a six-pointed star. This symbol is also a part of Tehenyats monastery ‘s decor. In all likelihood, the triangles represent two Universes, which are closely linked, but can never unite in one Universe. Symbolic image of the Universe Antiuniverse pair with triangles is not chosen by chance. In all likelihood , the three sides of the triangles represent three-dimensions of both Universes. If you take a close look at the image of triangles, you can see the difference between them. In one triangle, the three sides (three dimensions) are firmly linked by intertwined cords that are likely to correspond to the processes in the Universe, going in one direction. Most likely – it is our Universe. In the other triangle there are three squiggls,one on each side, symbolizing that the processes in the galaxy are different. All six corners of triangles are symbolically secured by semicircles , most likely,it is an indication that the two universes are stationary systems.
Thus, the question of keeping the symmetry in the universe was solved by creating a pair of Universe- Antiuniverse. And due to that ,all issues related to the different amount of matter and antimatter in our Universe were solved too. In Antiuniverse ,on the contrary, there is much more antimatter than the matter. Antiuniverse- Universe pair is a classic example of keeping the symmetry. They are mirrored images of each other with the replacement of all the charges of particles , which they are composed of, with the opposite charges.
In Chinese mythology and philosophy , one of the triangles represents the masculine positive energy -Yang, and the other triangle is female negative energy Yin. Yin-Yang – is a symbol of the creative unity of opposites in the Universe. It is depicted as a circle – the image of infinity, and divided by a wavy line in two halves – dark and bright. You can see Yin Yang symbol below. In all likelihood, white and dark spots represent the full symmetry of the Universe and Antiuniverse by replacement of elementary particles and nucleons with the opposite charges .







Yin Yang symbol of ancient Chinese mythology.
Initially, Yin and Yang meant the shadowy and the sunny slopes of a mountain, not converging each other, without being different from each other. Probably, thereby rendering the image of the Universe and Antiuniverse, whith one difference that one of them is composed of matter and the other of antimatter. They function in the same way, but can never meet, because there will occur a complete annihilation. Under the weight of thousands of years it was gradually forgotten about the true meaning of the symbol of two interlaced triangles and its connection with astrophysical science studing the functioning of the Universe. All other interpretations of this symbol, made afterwards in different parts of the Earth are common fiction.
Of course, the symbol of two interlaced triangles was brought to Earth by people from other stellar systems, 8-16 thousands years ago. These men possessed the scientific knowledge and technology that are not available to modern scholars. Most likely, they knew perfectly well that the Universe consists of two interrelated parts – the Universe and Antiuniverse.
Modern scientists do not know much on that issue, and continue to develop the theory of the big bang which is nonexistent. When representatives of CERN start telling Earthlings that they recreated a situation by the Large Hadron Collider,which was immediately after the big bang , it creates an impression that these scientists can not figure out the experiment results and try to adjust them to their fabrications of the big bang .
In the next article we will focus on fragments of Tehenyats monastery Decor in Armenia.
20. 02. 2016, the city of Chernigov.