Monday night, an exceptional super moon light up the sky

Science 14 November, 2016

horizontalThis is not a super moon as others which arise in the sky on 14 November. Nothing like this had been seen for almost 70 years! Earth, the moon will appear bigger effect it had shown since 26 January 1948.

Although not the moon of the century, there will be an “extra super Moon”. To understand the phenomenon that will not happen before November 25, 2034, it is first necessary to examine the circumstances that lead to super moon “classic.” It is the combination of a full moon phase and a time when the moon is practically at its perigee, the location of its orbit closest to Earth. Because the orbit of the Moon, which revolves around our planet in less than 28 days is not circular, but elliptical; so that it moves away from Earth between about 356,000 kilometers (perigee) and 406 700 km (apogee).

“This phenomenon of super moon, astronomers call perigee Moon is relatively common: it occurs on average every year and forty-eight days,” says Pascal Descamps of the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Ephemeris calculation to L Paris Observatory. But why this Super Moon will she next – and therefore bigger appearance – as so many others? “Because the moon’s orbit is more complex and more disturbed. It deforms constantly and significantly over very short periods. What’s also making it very difficult to study. Like other parameters, the lunar perigee is changing: its distance from Earth varies, “says the astronomer. This is the result of a set of gravitational perturbations related to the Sun, the planets, but also to the fact that the Earth is not perfectly spherical …

Raise your eyes to 18 h 30

Monday, November 14, at 12 h 21 French time, the Moon will therefore reach its perigee at a distance of 356,509 kilometers from Earth (against 356,461 kilometers in 1948 and 356,445 in 2034). Two hours and thirty one minutes later, it will enter full moon phase at 14 h 52. Here, in France mainland, it will of course not up yet and it will take 17 h 42 in order to start the observe if, and only if weather conditions permit. According to the Observatory of Paris, will be even better to wait until 18 h30. To revel in the spectacle, no equipment will be necessary, although it must be said, the human eye alone is not able to grasp the difference in apparent size between the super moon and another … And if the clouds come to spoil the party? You can always preview the live show through pictures released (below) by the specialized site Slooh, space for everyone .