10 differences between arranged marriage and love!

Techno 5 March, 2018

2018-03-05 18:14

10 differences between arranged marriage and love!
It may seem absurd to the Western world, where marriages are not for the calculation of more than 90% of cases, but such marriages are dominant in the middle East and in most Asian countries.

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Although facts and figures show that arranged marriages more successful than love marriages, and end less number of divorces, this article focuses on the differences between the two types of marriages, reports Rus.Media.

1. The unrest in the marriage of love sometimes is stronger in the first days of marriage, stability comes over time, while in arranged marriages people begin a relationship with stability and affection, and the excitement comes later.

2. In both types of marriages people have to adapt to new families, both men and women. The only difference is that people who marry for love, you know a lot about the family each other before marriage, which can facilitate for them the adaptation process.

3. Love marriages, the partners already know about the privileges each other, so they are not waiting for any unpleasant surprises and it is easier, for example, to prepare a menu in accordance with the preferences of his beloved/beloved.

4. Children and Pets make life easier for people who marry for love and by calculation, but if they are already in love or falling in love after marriage, everything becomes much nicer!

5. An arranged marriage is a game. Your partner may be a psychopath. But in love marriage there are times when people suddenly reveal his alter-ego after the marriage. So, anyway it’s a gamble, but the odds that you will lose, is higher in arranged marriage, not love.

6. People say that when love does not need a dowry, but this is just a guess. The character of the groom and his family determines the commitment of the dowry, and not the type of marriage.

7. The couple, who got married for love, unable to enjoy what they both like, because they know their partner likes, and what not; but in arranged marriages, this issue can be some difficulties at first.

8. In addition, another assumption is that girls can have an easy family life after marriage, if marriage for love, but not from the calculation. However, it is not true. It all depends on circumstances and luck.

9. In arranged marriage, the partners usually always prepared for the worst, especially girls. But again, this is only a stereotype and assumptions.

10. The most important difference, in our view, is that in love marriage the partners know what they are, they seem to deliberately jump into the ocean. While in arranged marriage, the partners jump into the fire!