10 equally games: uranometria their intimate life

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 18:10

10 equally games: uranometria their intimate life
Sexy game suitable for couples who just started Dating and still trying each other on taste, and people with serious experience life together.

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They are able to make love life a touch of childishness, to diversify it, to make sensations more acute. Besides, sexy games are perfect for “warm up”.

Masquerade. Role-playing games very exciting, but to put on a nurse costume and act according to the scenario prepared, not all the pairs. Fold in the box items that allude to a particular profession, and pulling them at random, try on the role of a sexy teacher, a plumber or a policeman. At least it’ll be fun.

Hourglass. Put an hourglass or a timer for 10-20 minutes. Agree that in this time, you can excite each other, but do not go directly to the intima, it is possible to complicate the task of the prohibition to touch genitals. It will remind you about the importance of foreplay.

Blind cat. Blindfold him / her and touch the body with different objects: a feather, a piece of ice, massage ball, hand, etc., and he has to guess what it was. Or just suddenly, but gently touch her arm in different places, if he can catch your hand to touch, switch places.

Mirror. Leading is doing something with a partner, for example, rising slowly up, kissing the inner part of the thigh, and the slave needs to do it again. Then you switch places. This is a good way to show your partner what gives you pleasure.

Maps. Agree that means each suit. For example, hearts, kisses, diamonds — fondling hands, clubs — arms of spades — the oral sex. Then pull on the map and do this as many seconds, how many is specified (the value of the highest card to decide). For advanced seconds you can replace minutes.

Honey caresses. Run honey, syrup or other Goodies for the trail of his kisses, dripping on the places that you would like to have it kissed, gradually getting to the bottom of this.

Prisoner. The game is old as the world, but that does not cease to be less exciting. All you need is a pair of handcuffs, or even a light scarf, a tie, anything that can tie you to the bedpost, or just tie his hands above his head. Now you just have to surrender to the winner.

Hot-cold. Make a part of the body he should kiss and point it prompts “cold”, “hot”, until he gets to the goal.

Hat. It’s a game of forfeits. Write on paper your erotic fantasies (where, in what position, etc.), and then in turn pull Fanta and bring them to reality.

“Twister” on the strip. All you need is the “Twister” and a little imagination. This is a great way to have fun, test your body to the flexibility and master new poses.