10 parts of the body that will disappear in the future… Why did this happen?

Techno 24 October, 2017

2017-10-23 18:38

10 parts of the body that will disappear in the future… Why did this happen?
It’s hard to believe, but some parts of the human body in the future will simply disappear because of their uselessness


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It’s hard to believe, but some parts of the human body in the future will simply disappear as unnecessary, reports Rus.Media.

Charles Darwin, father of evolutionary theory, it argues in the first Chapter of his book “the Origin of man and sexual selection”.

What parts of the body we don’t need and how people will look in the future. It is possible that it will happen in 500 years.


Scientists have found that in the past the centre of gravity was in the area of the Central line stop. Thus, the fingers were needed to maintain balance. But over time, the center of gravity has shifted towards the big fingers and now toes have lost their original function and are unnecessary.

Auricular tubercle of Darwin

Many people have a tiny crease at the top of the ear, the so-called Darwin’s tubercle. It remains pointed ears of mammals, which helped them to better perceive distant noises. Now this is not necessary, and therefore lumps these we do not need.

Male nipples

In the early stages of fetal development all children are asexual and nipples. This phenomenon is observed not only in humans but in other mammals. Only because of low levels of prolactin in the male body not to produce milk, so male nipples are not necessary.


They often create problems, as quickly become clogged and inflamed. Yes, and in fact is unnecessary to our body.

Wisdom teeth

Our ancestors ate a lot of hard food, which had to chew. Wisdom teeth this was just necessary. Currently, they no longer need, and there is a high probability that they will disappear completely.

The long muscle on the arm

Now it is only 11 % of people. Our ancestors were more active and hard life than we have now. For survival they needed a strong hand, but it’s not so important. Here this muscle we don’t really need it, only if you are an athlete, weightlifter.

The vegetation on the body

Of all vegetation on the body of a true value have only eyebrows, because they protect the eyes from sweat. But all the rest of the hair on the body is no longer needed, because the climate has changed, and the clothes we are better than the ancestors.

Goose bumps

This phenomenon is responsible smooth muscles hair follicles. For animals need it, because they raise the hair to intimidate their enemies. And for us, this property is absolutely useless as these muscles.

The coccyx

The coccyx is the last segment of the spine, which served as the tail in mammals. Today the coccyx was only a rudimentary body.

Cervical rib

They now occur in only 1% of the population, and they developed on only one side. Now these bones do more harm than good, because the owners of cervical rib suffer from problems with the arteries.

It is difficult even to imagine how will look people in 300 years, but it’s very interesting and exciting. Some suggest that people of the future are already among us.

For example, mark Zuckerberg, whom most resourceful users of the Internet referred to reptilon, proving that he’s got a weird curved knees when walking.

Who knows, he may be a new round of evolution or blame strange pants? Probably, hard to say. One thing we do know: humanity continues to evolve and change (why are only these Internet theory), and we’ll just see what happens.