100 tips on ek from real women who are good memory and sound mind!!!

Techno 12 December, 2017

2017-12-12 17:30

100 tips on ek from real women who are good memory and sound mind!!!
After reading this article your life will never be the same. Equaline for sure!

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In the first part of “100 tips about sex” we shared valuable information, which we voluntarily shared living women that are in memory and not in his right mind, reports Rus.Media.

They solemnly assured us, that if we are to fulfill all or at least most) of these tips the quality (and quantity) of sex in our life will increase exponentially!

Therefore, we are happy to provide for your court, reader. Probably, about something you yourself have guessed, but it never hurts to consolidate traveled. Or even can give is to read these tips its a familiar woman. Preferably one with which you are going to have sex.

51. Do not enter the partner too much, you’re not in a porno film. Or removable?..

52. Speaking of porn: do not confuse real life and porn. If your partner doesn’t want to do something, it can not explain why.

53. Ask your partner who is in the pose of a rider (on you, of course), slightly lean back. So you will have access to the clitoris will give the girl much more pleasure.

54. 30-40 minutes before sex, take a contrast shower for the stimulation of blood circulation of all organs (and himself, of course, too). This trick will help you to achieve a secure erection.

55. By the way, candles in the bedroom is not a romantic whim. Since the initiation of the male depends on the appearance of the partner, and any partner in dim soft light of the candle looks better.

56. Did you know that you have erogenous zones on his chest? Take hands with partner, put them on his chest and ask him to stroke you. Well , now you know.

57. And, by the way, instead of hands of the partner, you can use her Breasts. Especially if the partner is on top and leaned in.

58. Foreplay — it’s not grim stroking before sex. Constantly change the pressing force and the trajectory of the hands. Than chaotic affection, the higher the sensitivity of nerve endings, their partner.

73. And figs, among other things, increases sexual stamina at the expense of amino acids.

74. Before sex look into the toilet. Urinate prevent premature ejaculation and loss of self control.

75. Let near your bed is a box of tissue. And packing female hair elastics — if a girl wants to give you oral sex, as it turns out, the hair on his head, always prying eyes.

76. Put the mirror opposite the bed (or, at least, nailed it to the ceiling with nails). You will pleasantly surprised at all to see yourself and your partner with an unusual angle.

77. If the foreplay seems to you a matter of very dull, start to send the girl erotic messages for a couple of hours before the meeting — prior to your connection it is already excited (well, or add you in black list).

93. To have sex with a sleeping girl or Wake up the girl sex — two big differences. For example, only the second option.

94. Don’t think you know the woman better than she. If it urges you to scratch her heel in the process — this is no accident. Perhaps the only way she can achieve orgasm. Obey.

95. The Council happily married people often have sex in new places, e.g. hotels. Where on the walls there’s pictures of your children and mortgages.

96. Play with the girl’s hair: gently go through them with your fingers, cheat on his fist. But be very careful! No sudden movements!

97. During sex compliment her in superlatives. Wrong: “You are a goddess of sex!”. That’s right: “You are a goddess of sex, which is better than all the goddesses put together and their sexy twin sisters!”.

98. In the morning, give preference to fast sex. A vigorous five minutes of sex will give cheerfulness for the whole day, but to stretch sex in the morning is not necessary — more kids to drive to school.

99. Remember the “rule of three” — no more than three poses. Otherwise, you will suspect that in the past you worked as a porn star.

100. Don’t look for specially erogenous zones all women have they are located in different places. (And can even migrate depending on the lunar day or the fact that said Light from payroll).