11 female things that men always pay attention

Techno 24 January, 2018

2018-01-24 16:41

11 female things that men always pay attention
In a relationship, the partners eventually get used to each other and feel comfortable while remaining themselves.

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As a result, they cease to think about how to behave next to his partner. To achieve this level of trust and sense of comfort around each other, the pair need a lot of time and effort, reports Rus.Media.

If the relationship with your husband you have reached this level, congratulations. However, we should not forget that if you do not pay attention to their behavior does not mean that your partner feels the same way. If he loves you – he will always pay attention to you.

Here are examples of behavior that your husband pays attention, and you don’t .

Your food

You eat what you want. Of course, you can stick to your diet, but don’t bother about it and eat as much as they themselves see fit for themselves. However, your husband says. He likes when you have a good appetite, because then he will not feel guilty for eating a lot.

Your makeup

For you make – up- something familiar, but your man always pays attention to him because he knows that with makeup you Express yourself, your feelings and mood.

Your choice of alcoholic beverages

Your choice of beverage gives him an idea about how was your day. If you prefer a Margarita or homosocial, he’ll understand that you want to have a good time. If you choose the beer – so you just want to blow off steam.

The color of your clothes

You can not particularly think about it in the morning, but your man will notice as it believes that the color of the clothes reflects your mood.

Your favorite hobby

Your husband likes to look at how you radiate happiness when you love your work. He will try to understand what activities give you the greatest pleasure. It can be anything: yoga, running, singing or painting. If he will know what makes you happy – it will motivate you to do it more often.

Your smile

No man on earth will not pass by the smile of his beloved woman. You do not even realize how much your smile can affect it.

The expression on your face

You can not particularly monitor the expression on your face during certain situations, but your husband definitely pay attention to it. He will immediately understand if you are annoyed, intrigued or interested than just by looking at you.

Your weirdness

He likes your weirdness something that is unique to you. Your strange habits or traits that make you who you are and the woman whom he fell in love.

Your favorite music

He wants to know more about you, get into your world. When you turn on your favorite music, you don’t think about it, but your husband is another small window into your world. He has a chance to learn about you something new and to strengthen the bond between you.

That bothers you

Your man will always be there to protect you and he would not want to have you ever about something worried. You may not realize it, but he will try to protect you even from your own emotions. That is why he will pay attention to what is bothering you and will try to do everything possible to keep you calm.

Something that brings you pleasure

If you’re happy and your man will be happy, and that’s why he pays attention to what makes you happy and brings you pleasure. Your husband will be filled with joy every day of your life spent together.