14 facts about chocolate that will make you love him even more

Techno 21 January, 2018

2016-04-25 21:24

14 facts about chocolate that will make you love him even more
I’ve never met people who don’t like chocolate. Maybe in your environment there are? Then show them this article and they love chocolate as much as you do.

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1. Chocolate is a natural analgesic

Every time another piece of chocolate falls into our stomach, it contained cocoa causes a slight injection of the elixir of happiness in our brain. This is due to the production of extra endorphins (natural opiates) and activation of pleasure centers in the brain that can even lead to a decline in real pain.

2. Melting pieces of chocolate in the mouth is pleasant than a kiss

In 2007, researchers from the University of Sussex investigated the heart rate and brain waves in 20 couples during a kiss and then while eating their chocolate. In all cases the chocolate in his mouth caused a more intense reaction than a foreign language!

3. Chocolate makes your skin younger

German researchers suggest that flavonoids in chocolate absorb UV light, which can actually help to protect the skin from aging and increase her blood flow. Ultimately, this leads to a significant rejuvenation and improvement of your skin.

4. It is a reliable source of energy

Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which boost your energy levels. The darker the chocolate, the more energy you get. And, unlike any energy drink, chocolate does not lead to a catastrophic decline in energy a few hours.

5. Eating chocolate earlier it was condemned by the Catholic Church

The effect of chocolate was seen as witchcraft and deception, and his fans all the polls were considered blasphemers and heretics. Likely that it does have, isn’t it?

6. Chocolate can even sniff

Here in this study it was proved that even a simple smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which trigger relaxation. Comparing the effect of odors of various foods, the researchers came to the conclusion that only the fluid chocolate have a pronounced relaxation effect.

7. Chocolate makes us smarter

Conducted in 2006 the study showed that the use of products having a high cocoa content, in five days can increase the blood flow to the brain, thereby improving its performance. It is therefore not surprising that people who eat chocolate have a much better understand and longer retain clarity of mind.

8. Chocolate does not harm your teeth

In 2000, Japanese scientists found that chocolate is less harmful for the health of your teeth than many other sweet foods. This is because the antibacterial properties of cocoa beans to compensate for the relatively high level of sugar.

9. In Mayan civilization, cacao beans were currency

The value of the goods at the time expressed in the number of cocoa beans that one could obtain. A slave cost 100 beans, the services of prostitutes was estimated to be 10 beans, and a Turkey requested 20 beans. There were counterfeiters who manufactured counterfeit beans out of painted clay.

10. Chocolate kept forever (in the right conditions)

Chocolate bar found in the Parking lot of the legendary Admiral Richard Byrd near the South pole, very well preserved. Despite the past 60 years, it is quite usable.

11. Chocolate gives us a vision of superheroes

According to a study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, a large piece of dark chocolate can help us to better discern low-contrast objects. This refers, for example, cars in bad weather or pedestrians in dark clothing in the evening.

12. The reduced risk of diabetes

Flavonoids in cocoa that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the risk of diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.

13. Chocolate helps to lose weight

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen found that eating dark chocolate causes a feeling of satiety and helps to reduce consumption of sugary, salty and fatty foods. Thus, thanks to the chocolate much easier to stick to healthy eating and to lose weight!

14. Increase libido

According to Italian researchers, women who regularly eat chocolate have a richer sexual life. They also displayed higher levels of desire, arousal and satisfaction from sex.

What wonderful news, isn’t it? However, there is one important detail to consider. The fact that not all chocolate is equally useful. In dark chocolate contains twice more antioxidants than milk. Furthermore, dark chocolate provides us with fewer calories than milk chocolate, which is high in saturated fats and calories simply because it contains milk.

If you really want to benefit from chocolate, choose dark chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa.