15 weird facts about sex, confirmed by science

Techno 15 December, 2017

2017-12-15 17:10

15 weird facts about sex, confirmed by science
Some scientifically proven facts about sex most people have cause confusion or misunderstanding.

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When scientists are trying to understand serious the intimate life, sometimes they find completely unexpected and strange information, reports Rus.Media.

15 weird facts about sex are as follows:

1. From the owners of dogs sex happens more often than owners of cats. VetPlus, a British company conducted a survey among pet owners. The study revealed that dog owners have sex three times a week, and the owners of the cats or two.

2. The quality of sexual life of a woman is seen in her gait. Belgian researchers found that the more orgasms a woman gets, her gait is more relaxed, free and confident.

3. Sex improves cognitive abilities in adulthood. Scientists at the University of Maryland found that sex improves mental function and increases activity in the hippocampus – a brain area that is responsible for memory and attention.

4. Funny men give women more orgasms. The study, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, showed that more intense sexual pleasure women feel with men with a good sense of humour, confidence and with high income.

5. People with different political views are not sex flavor of each other. When people seem to be each other attractive, they smell experience sexual partner. According to a study published in the American Journal of Political Science, people are attracted to the smell of a man with similar political beliefs.

6. Fans of hot cheese sandwiches have more sex. American scientists came to the conclusion that people who eat grilled cheese, the sexual life more saturated, than those who does not like cheese.

7. Birth control pills alter women’s perception. In General, women are attracted to men with genes dissimilar to their own. However, in the case of birth control pills occurs the opposite effect. Women who take contraceptives, attracted by the smell of men with whom they have more genetic similarities. Changed perception of male odor can affect the quality of sex or lead to the wrong choice of partner.

8. Men can’t make the voice more sexy, and women can. Scientists from Albright College found that women are able to consciously change the tone of voice for more sexy, but men don’t.

9. Love acts like a drug. It is scientifically proven that love can cause euphoria and dependence on the object of sympathy. Psychologist Helen Fisher reviewed an MRI of the brain of people in love. It was found that those parts of the brain responsible for love, was similar to parts of the brain under the influence of cocaine or orgasm.

10. Women excites monkey sex. According to a study published in the Journal of Biological Psychology, women slightly exciting video in which guys have sex monkey. Fortunately, a higher level arousal women experience, watching footage of human sexual intercourse.

11. Sex helps strengthen bones. According to a study from the University of California Los Angeles, stable intimate relationship is useful for bone health.

12. Women are attracted to men in red. The researchers found that women like men in red. Even if they do not consciously notice this passion. Men women in red are perceived as partners with a higher social status and larger chances to climb the social ladder.

13. The ideal frequency of sex for happiness. Studies have shown that happy couples have sex once a week. Surprisingly, partners who have sex more often, experiencing strong satisfaction with life.

14. The strongest male aphrodisiac. The Chicago scientists analyzed what odors stimulate the libido in men. It turned out that the strongest effect of excitation on men having the combined scent of lavender and pumpkin pie.

15. Funny text messages to increase the chances of sex. American study has shown that SMS-message with the text “haha”, “LOL” and the like increase the chances of a second date by 255%, and the chances of sex by 39%.