2018 is a special year for each Zodiac sign! Get ready!

Techno 18 January, 2018

2018-01-18 18:11

2018 is a special year for each Zodiac sign! Get ready!
In recent times, each year it seems more difficult than the previous one. And 2018 is no exception. 19 December 2017, the planet Saturn moved into the sign of Capricorn, which was the start of hard times…

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In recent times, each year it seems more difficult than the previous one, reports Rus.Media. And 2018 is no exception. 19 December 2017, the planet Saturn moved into the sign of Capricorn, which was the start of hard times.

In turn, Jupiter began to operate on the dark side of the Scorpions in October and will continue its influence until November 2018.

How will it affect ordinary people? This means that violence and aggression will continue to be the main topics for discussion.

But not worth much to worry, because Jupiter has a tendency to improve the event, so we can see the real idyll in interpersonal relationships.

Another big news is Uranus, the planet-a rebel, will pass into the constellation Taurus in may. And this means that if you’re still not energetic, in the summer your energy are gaining new momentum.

Next, you’ll learn how the planet in 2018 will affect your Zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Over the last 6-7 years, you, Aries, saw that the life has changed radically. You have already prepared everything that prepares 2018. To some extent, the life changes will continue, especially in those areas that were obstacle to the expression of their emotions. In may you will see that the situation will start to improve (a bit), because your sense of who you are and what you want will get stronger and you will have a new perspective to freedom of expression.


Expect changes in your career and reputation.

You are born leaders of their own lives, but it’s time to determine your leadership style: you are a brave and confident or reactive and unpredictable? When a change needs to happen, break you through the walls or inspire others to take a hammer and demolish them? In may comes the key time to be more confident and decisive in their actions!

Despite your reputation, in 2018 you can afford to solve the problems of haphazard and childish, especially in regard to long-term goals, planets will contribute to your success in business!

Get ready to chase hard, but very long – term goal is to do everything possible to achieve it.

When the enemies will block your progress – be as calm as possible. You are strong enough to consider other points of view and continue to move forward, make an independent decision!


This year there’s a lot more to Express themselves creatively, especially in the area of romance.

2018 will be a busy, but don’t forget to fill in your schedule time for those who heart beats more often (loved ones, children and best friends).

The periods from January to February and from July to August will inspire you to gratitude to others, be very creative in this period, do more good to others and you will reciprocate.

Sexually skeletons and old injuries will continue to stick his nose. You are not a whiner to tell everyone about their emotional traumas, but with the people you recommend to share!

Do not keep the pain in me, release all the love failures, just throw all sore the closest and release the situation.

In 2018 often talk to the people you trust the most, they will definitely help you wise advice.

Taurus (April 20 – may 20)

To have a large impact will have Uranus – the planet of radical changes, what is included in your sign in may 2018 (the biggest concern will feel the Calves that were born in April).

Aspects of life that you took for granted, or for which clung so that their condensed metaphorical soil, you can start to change. Or you can just leave.

One of the areas of your life where you especially need a shake-up – this image. How you dress says something about how you want to be seen, and this needs to change immediately. Think about a complete revision of the wardrobe.

You are slow by nature, in 2018 you won’t be a “Zinger,” but to move slowly – normally, provided that you are confidently going in the right direction and speed, in your case, it doesn’t matter.


Your small flaw in your procrastination, this is why you need to know your price, and also very appreciate your time compensating for your small drawback.

In 2018 it is important to prioritize and understand what actions and people worthy of your time and which aren’t. Life will seem longer and more interesting, if you enjoy the time spent with his loyal friends, with your partner and just more doing what he loved. You should appreciate these moments and put them priority over career!

In 2018, consider which values you closer. They will unite you with people beyond your immediate circle? The embodiment of your views in words will affect how it will advance your career in the coming years.

It is very important that you accurately determine what is good and what is bad for you– only then will the goals that you pursue, be faithful (and therefore, will become a favorite source of income).


Open your heart wider and continues from January to February and from July to August this year. If you’re not quite sure how to admit a loved one, start with that, just accept the emotions, not editing them.

Gemini (may 21 – June 20)

The most important lesson this year is that fears can be controlled, and can even control them. When you understand the origins of your fears, you will be able to confidently defeat them.


Something you’ve been striving for all these years will finally be easily accessible to you.

But you will be in very long period of doubt that can delay the process of implementation of the planned objectives.

Your mental cycle this year will be in the turbo mode, which can lead to a face full of confusion and stupor in some cases, because hyperactivity of the mind has the ability to wear down the entire body.

The best thing you can do is to give yourself plenty of breaks to get out of their employment. Breathe, notice your thoughts, without going into details, focus on silent picture. Any of these actions can open the space for sudden, clear insight.

If you don’t know whether to take the job how to deal with the head why so many around you gossip or 20 options to choose – allow intuition to connect with the logic and guide you. In 2018 it will be at the peak!


Sharing a Bank account or do not share a Bank account? Any talk of money in 2018 in the relationship can contribute to unpleasant quarrels. Money here astrologico speaking, just a symbol of the more difficult things that we share (or not) our close relations who can be romantic and can not be.

You just need with a maximum tolerance relates to financial issues or else you run the risk of losing a loved one.

This year, expect a strong push to define what is common and what is not. It is important that you could grow up in this area of life.

Your situation with money in relationships is not entirely solved and you worry about it? It is quite normal for 2018 – the fact that learning how to get along with the finances in a couple, you need to strengthen trust to each other.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The basic cycle of change, in which you were since 2011 begins to settle down (finally) in may. I hope that those revolutions have helped you to open a personal entity, even if it meant getting rid of the favorite, but harmful habits.

2018 will be deep Cancers. You have a gift to use your emotions as a way of persuasion; this year, this skill will come first, helping you to complete something very important to you.

In 2018 you may feel more tired than usual.

The ability to say “no” to what is pulling you down will help you this year in the most difficult situations. The magical thing the word “no” that it makes more room for “Yes.”


Suggest to rely on intuition and more to Express your emotions, it will help you to avoid difficult situations, which can be a significant problem. If you creep a shred of self-doubt, it can develop into a major failure. Because of changes in the last 7-8 years, you probably more than before, ready to deliver, especially on the professional front.

If suddenly uncertainty and fear will come out – pull yourself together. Uncertainty increases our empathy, and mistakes help us to understand what we are doing not so well after analyzing the situation, prepare to be more careful in the future!

This is a great year to find a professional mentor or become one. Start exploring the area, which has always been difficult for you! In 2018 the most difficult problems will be easily resolved, thanks to your hard work.


You take too long to settle for less, because that was easier. When you give emotional energy to people who have nothing to give in return, you become very frustrated to aim for a more loving relationship. Focus on that this year takes care of itself in a harmonious balance — a measure of indulge and moderately limit!

Instead show your emotions and take it out on a categorical negative or very positive behavior with relatives who annoy you, take a break. At least one of these relationships must end, to make way more correct. Give yourself time and when you’re ready, continue harmonious relations, without emotional outbursts!

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

It’s 2018 and I can say “Congratulations!”. You graduated from the school of radical self-expression and ready to use your skills into practice in life. Starting from 208 the year, you must begin to travel, discover new places, people, and new opportunities to maximize their potential. Sometimes vusanje new means letting go of the old. In 2018 the maximum hold on to what brings you joy, all negative, is to let go and forget.


Your work ethic this year solid as a rock (provided that you are fully involved in their work). Work maybe you have to occupy more time than you would like, but the overall picture of your ambitions and reputation – very bright. Any stress which you will feel during the working process – a sign that you need a new role and purpose, because the old monotonous actions begin to oppress.

In 2018 a success comes from the fact that you activate the brain at full capacity and will be located in the center of attention, thanks to his ability of solving complex tasks in the shortest possible time.

Working in a team and choosing a project, do not change your progressive beliefs.


Romance – your trump ACE. You will still look fantastic on a knee, clutching rose to his chest, or iniciaci in tear-stained rumpled pages of love letters.

Even humble Lions need in 2018 to Express their deep devotion, best friends and partners.

2018 wants to swirl you into the romantic adventures of both private and public.

Home don’t be afraid to leave cute little notes on all the surfaces and the fridge — sandwiches with a smile of mustard.

Roll up these parties, to spice up your entire family and to all your surroundings can feel on the level with you — the real stars.

Many home problems can be solved, if openly to discuss them, especially if you light them a Lion’s optimism.

From January to February and from July to August, Eclipse in your sign is forcing you to be more honest and compliant in personal relationships. Start the path of change that will bring you and your loved one joy and pleasure.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

For you, the year 2017 was a year of change and constant adaptation. You have done a lot to stay afloat and not falling from the cliff, in 2018 you can finally exhale and calmly go with the flow.


Underestimate your strengths, because that’s what you want. Would you rather the attention went to those projects and people, better which you have invested so much energy.

Starting this year, a little extra effort will kick you in the leading role. This is a serious, focused year for Virgos, what makes this a good opportunity to Shine in the glory and finally ceased to hide your dignity!

Over the years, you quietly accumulate skills, experiencing – are you good enough to be appreciated? Your skills will be in demand in 2018 as ever! Take advantage of this temporary respite from samecompany.

From January to February and, especially, from July to August 2018 will be a period that will test your ability to think on the go without being lost.

Slowing down, meditation, hearing their feelings, music, spending time with relatives and animals – will be very useful for the health of the Virgins to relax and recharge.

You usually solve problems in an unconventional way – continue in the same spirit, because it’s your twist!

In 2018, include your brilliant brain into the flow of universal energy through meditation and relaxation, and you finally understand what to do next with my life.


This year you will treat love seriously, it will be less fun, but really. If you thought about how to give birth to children, this will probably be the main task of your love of life and love will occupy all the space thoughts about children.

You will also notice that the professional duties and responsibilities take time relaxing with family and friends.

Virgo tend to load my schedule to the brim, because to achieve success easier than relationships and feelings.

You will be hard to build a new relationship (if you are alone). The fact that you have a very important intellectual level of a partner and you too idealize his image. You will be hard to accept error error second half.

Our advice to you is just accept the fact that we are all imperfect in this world and relax!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

“Decisions, decisions, why bother to make decisions if in the end you get a boring consolation prize?”. So says the devil on your left shoulder. Angel, meanwhile, says that you really need to decide if you want to do something really useful in 2018. Or your angel and devil sit on the shoulders and on the scales? The angel on the left Cup, and the devil on the right? Someone to listen to you!

Well, Weight that in 2018 there a right and wrong decision. You will not be able to understand what is true and what is not a detailed analysis or careful weighing of options. Instead, you will realize that wrong action only when you slam into a brick wall.

Get ready for such shocks, but the main thing – do not get lost and do not get discouraged! This is invaluable experience which will stuff you with cones, but you’ll never go back to their mistakes, they will help you unleash your potential!


The money this year or will themselves to fall in your hands, or are pie in the sky. Starting in may, the world is part of the seven years of the financial revolution; a side effect for you is that, at least until November 2018, it will be difficult to plan the real thing. The same (almost) applies to a professional plan where your big goals and successes can stay on the bench because of problems at home.

It’s time to set boundaries. If you masterfully manipulated, or too rationally directed others so they are well behaved, this method has expired.

Tactics are easier to appear in 2018: clearly say what you want, and what is not. It is important to carry out their duties and to observe proven rules.

Be careful on the emotional work you are doing based on its understanding of justice. In the end, you are the ones whose opinion matters, so focus on making self-respect.


This year you will find it in physical pleasure. Leave enough time for a few of your favorite things as Dating, massages, bath salts, and aesthetic pleasure.

Spend your budget on traveling to a few times to recharge it from a relaxed, not a busy hotel. Ideal if you organize your place so that you have plenty of travel experience and, at the same time, you feel a good relaxation. So you had the opportunity to relax on the beaches or at least to enjoy massages and Spa treatments. It will just need this year!

On the love front, relations with friends and loved ones can be from time to time strained. Significant improvements come thanks to the analysis of romance novels and reality, an acceptance of the fact that after all reality isn’t a fairytale love story as described in the books or in the movies.

Your task, as the true Weights, make your relationship harmonious and to establish a balance between “we” (spending time together) and “I” (the presence of personal space and expression as a pair).

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

No wonder the symbol of the Scorpion is a poisonous insect in the solid shell. Periods you are driven by the dark side and you can rarely control it! As soon as Jupiter moves through your sign, much depends on how you deal with this dark side. Jupiter, planet of luck and inspiration, entered Scorpio in October 2017 and will remain there until the end of November 2018. During this period, it will pass through your Sun, bringing gifts of confidence, expanding your own power and unleashing the potential.

Luck of Jupiter rewards good intentions and is inclined to bring wmplete for the bad. You have both the impulses to the maximum dose, so the question is: are you using your darkness to good affect the truth or in order to obtain her at any price? If the first option, you are most likely already in the role of the teacher and pravdabosch, helping to inspire others to change. If you prefer the second option, you can use your power on healing torn relationships.

A sincere apology this year will be important to you.


Expect breakthroughs in your career, long term goals and reputation, provided that you a time or two creative venture, when prompt intuition. From January to February and from July to August – the fire point, which you are asked to adjust and make changes as necessary. It’s not necessary to burn bridges – again, little effort is important. Problems with communication can lead to inhibition processes.


You mistakenly think is the sign of sex, when in reality you romance.

Your true essence is a good listener, who will speak before dawn with a friend because he broke up with a loved one.

Sex for you is the method overwhelming merging of two souls. While you are quite correct, you will be not very good to carry an emotional boredom and can break on an empty connection that can kill your real relationship.

2018 will launch a surprising, unpredictable, potentially shocking changes in your family relationships. Reduce the sense of ownership, but be sincere about what you want. Healthy relationships improve, provided that the two people will have the space for independence and you and your loved one go through a new experience together.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Feel the wind in your mane, crazy? It is earned by the labors of the freedom that comes with old-fashioned Saturn, a planet that doesn’t know what entertainment is, and finally goes out the door with your sign.

Take this period of new beginnings spending a lot of time for your favorite leisure activities: study of the Humanities, religion, travel, comprehensive training, public speaking, publishing, spontaneous adventures, etc. In these areas expect normal activity from January to February, and from July to August.

Problem situations will inspire you to rethink the harshest views on the beginning of the change.

Until the following November, a retreat, especially with a pile of books, will allow you to let go of the need to be right for the sake of seeking truth. These periods of rest will revive your faith in people, awakening the best hand.


In 2018 it will be necessary to reconsider the attitude to money, possible financial difficulties… This may mean tightening belts and curbing your natural tendency to buy the world a Coke, and then another, and to give last shirt. You can be generous, giving more work for the creditors – you are a genius to those who are in the mud, felt like princes, and some time to keep these limits will be easier.

Do yourself a gift and go to a financial planner. Books that are crowned with the monetary situation with the General philosophy of life can make sense of your budget planning (it’s true!).

In June, you expect drastic changes that will get you out of routine work. Habits will come to naught, because your course of action will suddenly become unpredictable. Time with Uranus can be very fun, especially for Shooters who are ready for anything. Expect active the variety of your working life. Adopt new technology to better do their jobs and work on their own shift or on a team of geniuses with whom you in good relations.


Since 2011, your romantic life has been somewhat inadequate: a full capture, but also full of stress. You may find that meeting people is not your type. Stick to one relationship and expect that they are down can be difficult.

In may 2018 intrigue and capture will cease, in a good way. All what you have learned about the manifestation itself of the present – will come into play. Now, when you turn on this knowledge, you will probably be more comfortable in matters of Dating and love. As a result, all your relationships should become more stable.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

This is your year, good or bad? Serious Saturn, the planet that fulfils all, moved into your sign on December 19, 2017. Saturn – the planetary head of Capricorn, which means you congenital coincide with a mode of action.

By 2020 the whole world will try to act like Capricorns. While everyone is trying to meet, will drive themselves in the process stress, you will walk with my head down, steadily moving towards their goals.

Your friends and professional contacts especially will listen to your advice. The danger is that you will allow his serious side to manage, leaving aside your sensitive side.

Human feelings – feelings, vulnerability, creativity, love can make you feel uncomfortable and awkward.


The next few years, the universe will keep you in the business. Capricorn – “late flowers”, a poem if you’re under 30, don’t worry about a few defeats on the road. Mistakes are your best teachers, and the agony that accompanies them, at most you had created. The key improvement of the internal dialogue – pay attention to all that you say to yourself, started with “I need” or “I should”.

Your life is your own original creation, despite what others say. Complete current projects by putting a priority on perfectionism, which leads to the lesions, what really works, and you’re ready to create a whole new masterpiece.

Capricorns 30, enjoy watching your beautiful script takes the form. Whatever passion you have not invested in those hours, everything goes in this period. Adjust, if necessary, when encountering obstacles, leave behind what doesn’t work and celebrate (really celebrate) your progress. For all Capricorns, “goals that can be achieved” is the key phrase this year.


Despite your reliability, you’re devilishly good at sensual, sexy novels. This may begins 7-year-old lightning storm of courtship and love. Wait for new Hobbies that will not like your usual type. Older, younger, different articles radically from your past views.

If you have brought current relationship to boredom, you may want to travel. If you try to ignore this desire is only going to ruin it. Instead, make friends with the desire of novelty. Again light the fire with your loved one, highlighting time on adventures by subscribing to something that stimulates the brain, taking the freaky side in the bedroom (or beyond), looking for new friends and/or trying the mutual independence.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarians, you embody a paradox: the rebel/conformist, serious nerd/playful eternal teenager, a lover of order/the king of radical changes. This internal pressure leads to the fact that in your life you are from time to time make an unexpected 90 degree turn. For others, such a significant change would be a sign of complete change of personality; to you, it’s more like a change of clothes.

Since may of this year, you will find a large coup. Expect to capture and stress a lot of impressions and a change of scenery.

Your best choice is to jump into a new, fun experience with the head. So provided that you tell friends, family and colleagues where you leave the bridges behind him intact, in case you want to go back.


Last October, Jupiter, planet of luck, to settle in good luck and good reputation. It will remain there until November 2018, bringing you all bigger and better professional opportunities. Your reputation will grow and this means that more people will hear what you are worth.

This gives even more reasons to be true altruists, because bad rumors will spread as far as good.

This year people will be especially to listen to what you say, so, what you do or don’t do can bring reward, or to get out sideways.

As soon as you will take new stimulating projects, make sure you accomplish each of them.


2018 2017 continues the theme and sets the course of your heart, putting love at the center. And if you still single, You will be very difficult to choose the person to love.

Choose someone you have fun who gives you courage who approve of your children’s way of behavior. When you make the choice, be a good team member. The more time you spend enjoying, creating, playing and making decisions together, the stronger and loving relationship.

Pisces (February 19 — March 20)

Since 2012 (up to 2025), Neptune, your ruling planet, moves through your sign, pushing you under the water. At the time, as others are fighting and digging, you are exercising your gift of buoyancy, listening and not bothered ignorance.

Does that affect you, of course – you are a sponge that absorbs human emotion and every year for the world harder than the previous one – but you see the light that others don’t see. From October 2017 to November 2018, the universe encourages you to share this light with others through conversation, teaching, publication and updating status in Facebook is also considered). When your own hope will decrease travel and training will give you rest, which will help to return to the flow of inner knowledge.


Miracles happen when you transform vision and experience in a specific purpose. The goal may seem incredibly far, but breaking big goals into small tasks – make them realistic. Removing tasks from the list is fun. Although, moreover, it relaxes your excitement and shows that you can cope with difficult tasks whenever you want.

The pace of life picks up the pace in may with news, messages and interesting neighbors who will knock you out from a meditative state.

You will be most successful when focus and calm will do its job with no fuss and worries.


Friendship will come first this year, in that time, love will recede into the background, and that’s fine.

In 2018, you will more than Express their professional side with friends of the same age.

You are likely to use to support in this year. Provide this assistance to their loved ones, support them, but not much come into the trust, hold the space. Remember that there are always people who can betray and that can be the closest friends. Be vigilant in 2018!

True love will come when you pay attention to their independence, their self-expression. That’s when they will find your man who will be similar in these views.