3 female signs of the Zodiac, from which men even rise

Techno 20 December, 2017

2017-03-04 18:21

3 female signs of the Zodiac, from which men even rise
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Third place — Libra

Women born under this sign are known for their beauty and delicate complexion, and a deep aversion to anything unattractive. Instinctively she senses the subtle things. Her refined manners, she dresses elegantly, is easy (and expensive) perfume, loves expensive jewelry and tries to surround himself with luxury. Admires beauty in all its forms — music, art, architecture and people. Her house always has a touch of elegance. The same refinement applies to men. Her escort must not yield to the diamond on your finger. If he can’t, then better continue him to stay away from her, reports Rus.Media.

She perceives herself as if watching his own reflection and admires their graceful beauty. However, she is self-critical. She wants her image consistent with the high standards and ready to adjust as needed. It is not surprising that Libra women are considered charming.

We cannot deny its tendency to impermanence. She tries to flirt with any attractive man on his way, but very quickly passes from one to the other, trying to conquer it. She forgets faster than a mirror reflection disappears. Except in rare cases, her affection is shallow and short-lived.

Because it is a sign ruled by Venus, Libra woman is adept in love. However, don’t forget disgusted with her point of view, unattractive. If by chance you are in better shape, with drooping belly, sagging skinny arms or knees, then make sure that the light is turned off before you undress, otherwise it is not excluded that your lady will flee to the bathroom and locked there.

Libra prefer artistic nature commercial — actors, singers, writers, artists, musicians, not businessmen. Sharp tongue lady (Libra) expressed this as follows: “to me, it seems to me that the Lord had established businessman because he needed those who would do boring, monotonous work that does not require imagination!”

In fact Libra is not interested in man as such. Basically she wants to be admired. She needs someone, indulge her ego, but she focused on herself. Any for her frame, and she is a gem.

She doesn’t like to rush. It is pointless to explain to her what’s for dinner, invited to a half eighth and that already seven fifteen, and she’s just another lipstick. She doesn’t be impressed and it will continue with its final preparations. Anyway, any company for her only the opportunity to once again become a star. She may be right, because it has the ability to decorate any party. Entering the room, she illuminates her radiance. Her excitement causes the same reaction of others.

If the case goes as she likes, she can be petty and picky. She is looking for perfection and are willing to exaggerate other people’s mistakes and shortcomings, which prevent it to achieve it. It is particularly annoying man talking about money. She believes that money is earmarked for spending and shopping, not conversations. Conversations about money are grating on her nerves. The only thing that interested her the money, is that you can buy: emerald hair pins, Boas, chinchilla, expensive wine. Cash by themselves, do not care about it.

She likes to read easy books, watch movies with a happy end, to live in rooms filled with flowers, listening to relaxing music. Calm and serene, she unexpectedly runs into an excited state. Her euphoric mood kompensiruet downs, and then she tend to see spots on the Sun.

She seeks perfection in the details. The slightest signs of disorder can lead her in irritation. It belongs to the type of people who would tidy up the deck chairs on the sinking of the Titanic.

Don’t try to command it. She won’t listen. If you insist, you will encounter an even greater stubbornness. The stronger the pressure, the more stubborn she becomes. Gentle words and a soft belief — the only way to overcome her negative attitude.

Being extremely feminine, she at the same time intelligent, eloquent, active. Once in a difficult position, it may become absolutely helpless and will sit back passively, waiting for help, like the blind man who needs a dog guide. She’s charming, multi-faceted, deliberately charming.

Second place — Aquarius

She doesn’t like to looked at her as a sexual object. She has high standards, which it does not seek to understate, and she insists that a lover treated her with respect.

She doesn’t like to be hurried. If you came here on a first date, don’t expect to complete it in bed because nothing will happen. Second date is also unlikely to lead you to her bedroom. She’s not a prude, but you will have to convince her that you think she is not a girl for one night. Aquarius woman is sensual and has a very strong intellect. She lives mainly mind.

Friends inspire her. She loves parties and people, thrives in the society and always ready to accept the invitation at the last minute from someone she likes. Basically honest and open, she can’t lie because they do not want to be untruthful. If she likes someone, it usually reveals to him the soul, often not very appropriate.

Aquarius-the women participate in someone else’s life. Sometimes give useless advice that nobody is going to listen. She grabs a man’s job. If necessary, she can work as a car mechanic, a road Builder, a bricklayer. But it often takes quite high positions.

She likes to achieve something. She goes to meet any new opportunities, takes responsibility for new business, because he feels that she will achieve any goal, fulfill any assigned her case. Because she’s smart, wants to try herself in different fields, understand the motives driving people, then it is usually a successful undertaking. She is well able to work in a team, and even John D. Rockefeller said he would pay for this quality more than anything else. She is a true humanist, it is very concerned about the problems of the world. Look for her on the front lines of battles for social justice, and you will not see it among the defeated. It is sensitive to the suffering of others. However, it does not require of love and understanding in return her efforts. She so enjoys the work that loses sight of the very people for which it is committed. Even when she shows them a large enough interest, she kept neutral and aloof. In addition, she a person with enough courage to defend to the end their own beliefs. If her plan fails, she’ll fall into depression, because he knows that you learn from mistakes. Worthwhile ended in failure, for it means more than the smaller, which brought success, as it is a call to try his hand again.

Although it is charming, entertaining and inventive, sometimes she can be stubborn. For example, many women Aquarians believe in the occult, and you will not be able to convince them. If they believe in something, not to embarrass any arguments and even facts.

They are convinced that there are facts are not true if they are checked, those who go into areas that are causing others fear. If she decided something, only she can change the decision. (So often the case, and sometimes quite suddenly.) Due to the fact that it is extremely in need of love and society, it is very attractive to the opposite sex. But she is looking for the perfect mate and having a hard time making a choice. Not surprisingly, she’s usually quite late to get married, and when that finally happens, many friends marvel at her choice. (In fact, her attitude toward controversial issues always shocked by her conservative friends.) She needed a man who could make her feel like a woman, it does not matter who he is.

She loves beautiful things, including the human body. You better not forget to give her compliments about her figure. She needs to be appreciated. It is extremely accurate. After all, what happened when you are too lazy to move, she can get up and start to straighten the bed. It can be persistent, nervous, and if disappointed with something grumpy. Another drawback is the tendency to spend more personal and extravagant facilities. Of course, she won’t agree that it’s a disadvantage. She doesn’t like people who are busy only monetary problems, considering them petty and a little crazy. The only good money is that they can buy. And she’ll do anything to get what he wants.

First place — Virgo

The key to understanding her nature is that she is too in control of himself. It is as emotional as other women, but well in control of your feelings. Her instinct almost always remain a secret. She keeps seriously and with dignity. Modesty is an innate quality, and she never boasts of his achievements. She has excellent manners and always behaves like a true lady — if you don’t provoke her.

She believes that a lady never offends nobody, except for intentional situations. Then beware! She is capable of such verbal attacks that you’re in trouble.

She believes in excellence and makes every effort to improve themselves and their situation. Of particular interest to him cause literature, music and art. Many women Virgins well developed powers of perception and criticism.

She is often troubled. This is partly due to the fact that she’s convinced she can solve any problem. She trusts own intelligence more than intuition, and, faced with a problem, she latches onto it like a dog in a butcher’s bone until I clear it to the end, having complete clarity.

It is capable of being generous, patient and kind, but it remains purposeful, cool and always obeys the mind, not the heart. If it chose some path, nothing will make her roll with it.

Energy it would be enough for two or even three women. To any business will it be with the conviction that no one else will be able to cope with it as she is. In any case it is hedged in case of failure. Like a trapeze artist working without net, she wants to know where there’s another line, when she would fly in her direction.

She knows what a man wants. If he does not understand, she will help him to analyze the situation. She’s a great analyst. Its goals are practical and real with the right approach. If she is married, it usually happens not before.

She’s a wonderful mistress and mother (although, perhaps, somewhat strict), an interesting companion of her husband. Sex is more interested in it from the point of view of procreation than pleasure. As a rule, it looks good until the elderly years. She likes small parties, extremely neat. Those who are slovenly dressed, Smoking anywhere, do not receive repeated invitations to her house. Copes with intellectual games.

If she is forced to earn a living, all her habits are transferred into the business world. It will make a good accountant because she knows how to deal with numbers. Can be a great personal Secretary, especially if the case requires it to perfection. She agrees only on wages, ensuring its independence. At least, she will put up with inadequate wages, if it will be treated gently and with understanding.

Objective and unemotional judgments about people down it only one — when it comes to her lover. She can’t see his faults and weaknesses. She’s devoted to that idealistic image that it creates, and it is sensitive, though perhaps not openly Express their emotions and feelings. It tends to treat man as though he is in uncharted territory, ready to learn, to study, develop and improve. She knows psychologically calculated the path of the man and may become a mistress of the situation.

It assumes that the surrounding should be neat and clean as she is. She wouldn’t have worked the spell of Dr. Samuel Johnson, who once sat at the table next to elegant and perfumed lady. “Dr. Johnson, you smell” she said. Dr. Johnson, who was his first English dictionary, and possessed a rare sense of humor, replied: “No, Madame, it is you smell. I stink”.

If the lady was a Virgin, it is hardly amused. However, if she was a Virgin, I bet she was a real Lady.